How to renew suspended PMP certification

How To Renew Suspended PMP Certification



Project management is a vital aspect of any organization, and the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is widely recognized as the gold standard in the field. PMP-certified individuals possess the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to plan and execute projects effectively, and their certification demonstrates their commitment to the profession.

However, PMP certification is not a one-time achievement and must be renewed every three years to maintain its validity. In some cases, PMP certification may be suspended due to non-compliance with the certification’s requirements. For example, this can happen if a PMP holder fails to earn the required continuing education hours or if they fail to submit the renewal application on time.

This blog will discuss How to Renew Suspended PMP certification, including an overview of the renewal process, continuing education requirements, and tips for passing the PMP exam if required. We will also provide resources for further learning and support to help you regain your PMP certification.

Understanding the Renewal Process

To renew a suspended PMP certification, the individual must first meet the eligibility criteria set by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the organization that administers the PMP certification. The eligibility criteria include the following:


  • Holding a current PMP certification that has been suspended.
  • Completing the required PDUs during the certification cycle.
  • Submitting the renewal application and paying the appropriate fee.

Once the individual meets the eligibility criteria, they can proceed with the renewal process, which includes the following steps:


  1. Review the PMP certification renewal requirements on the PMI website.
  2. Log in to the PMI certification portal to access the renewal application form.
  3. Complete the renewal application form and submit it along with the required documentation and fee.
  4. Wait for PMI to review and approve the application.

It’s important to note that the timeframe for renewing a suspended PMP certification may vary depending on the individual’s specific situation. However, the PMI recommends starting the renewal process at least 90 days before the certification expiration date to avoid delays.


It’s also important to note that if your PMP certification is expired more than one year, you need to retake the PMP exam and meet the current eligibility criteria to regain the accreditation.


Unlock the key to renewing your PMP credentials with Gururo’s PMI-approved PDU packs! Our packs are designed to help you meet the continuing education requirements during your suspension period, ensuring a smooth and successful renewal process. In addition, our vast offerings allow you to choose the pack that best fits your learning style and schedule. So don’t let suspension stand in the way of your professional growth – choose Gururo and get back on the path to PMP success!

Continuing Education Requirements

To renew a PMP certification, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years.


Obtaining a PMP certification renewal has never been easier. With Gururo’s streamlined process, there’s no need to worry about exams, audits, or any other hassle. The process is simple, requiring only three easy steps.


  • Step one: Select and pay for the desired PDU bundle. Our plans are all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden fees or recurring payments.
  • Step two: Earn your PDUs at your own pace. Our flexible system allows you to study at any time, on any device, and from any location, making it easy to fit your professional development into your busy schedule.
  • Step three: Claim and receive approval for your PDUs in just minutes. With just a few clicks, you can have your PDUs approved, and your certification renewed in no time.

Retaking the PMP Exam

In some cases, PMP holders may be required to retake the PMP exam as part of the renewal process. For example, this may occur if the individual’s certification has expired for more than one year or cannot meet the PDU requirements during the certification cycle.


While retaking the PMP exam can be challenging, it’s a necessary step in regaining your certification and demonstrating your commitment to the profession. You should do everything you can to avoid letting your hard-earned PMP certificate expire.

Conclusion : How to renew suspended PMP certification

In conclusion, renewing a suspended PMP certification requires meeting the eligibility criteria set by the Project Management Institute (PMI), including completing the required 60 PDUs. The renewal process includes reviewing the PMP certification renewal requirements, submitting the renewal application and required documentation, and paying the appropriate fee. You can renew your PMP during the suspension period easily with Gururo’s courses.


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