How to Renew PMP After Expiry in 2024 : Step by Step Guide

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How to maintain PMP?

To maintain a PMP certification, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) in the three years since you passed the PMP exam. These PDUs must be achieved in areas related to project management and must be reported to PMI.

What if 60 PDUs are not earned in 3 years cycle?

You must earn 60 PDUs within a three-year cycle to ensure your PMP certification is not suspended. If you fail to obtain 60 PDUs within the three years cycle, your PMP will move to a suspension state. The suspension period is for a year.

How to renew PMP during the suspension period?

To renew your PMP certification if it is in the suspension period, you must first complete the required number of PDUs. Once you do this, you can submit a renewal application to PMI and pay the required fees. PMI will review your application, and if it is approved, PMI will reinstate your certification. Therefore, it is important to carefully track and report your PDUs to avoid suspension of your certificate.

What if PMP is not renewed during the suspension period?

If your PMP certification is not renewed during the suspension, you will no longer be considered a certified PMP. Therefore, your certificate will stand expired.

What happens after your PMP is expired?

If your PMP certification has expired and you do not renew, you will no longer be considered a certified PMP. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to use the PMP designation after your name, and you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits that come with being a PMP, such as access to PMI’s global network of professionals and discounts on PMI events and products.

How to renew PMP after expiry?

As a PMP-certified professional, staying current with industry standards and maintaining your certification is important. If your PMP certification has expired, there are options available for renewing it. One option is to retake the PMP exam. However, there are also alternative methods by which you can renew your expired certification.

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PMP Renewal Information

PMP Renewal Information

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