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In this article, we will learn all about PDUs in PMI. We will discuss the most common FAQ about PDU meaning, PMI Talent Triangle, online PDU courses, PDU PMI requirements, and many more.

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What is a PDU in meaning ?

A PDU, or Professional Development Unit, is a unit used to measure ongoing development within the field of project management. 

To maintain certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), you’ll need to maintain a precise number of PDUs, earned by attending events or performing courses. 60 PDUs are needed over three years

What are PDU PMI requirements, why PMI PDUs?

After getting a PMI certificate, you require to maintain it. Maintenance of your PMI certificates is a necessary condition by PMI. It’s necessary to keep your certificate valid and active. All PMI certificate maintenance requires that you acquire the needed number of Professional Development Units (PDUs) in a three-year cycle. This cycle starts the day you pass your PMI certificate test

PDUs are primarily hours that you actually devote to training, gaining knowledge, reading, creating, working, or volunteering in project management or affiliated jobs. You require to earn a minimal number of PDUs for every PMI certificate that you hold, over a period of three years. Once you have accumulated the required PDUs against your PMI certificates, you can submit these to PMI and pay a certificate renewal fee. PMI PDU submission and fee payment is done at PMI’s website By completing this PMI PDU submitting process, you renew your certificate for another three-year cycle. 

Remember, if you failed to earn the required PDU then your credential will no longer remain valid, it’ll expire! And if this does happen, If you don’t acquire the needed number of PDUs in your current three-year cycle. PMI’ll allow 1 year grace period so that you can make up your PMI PDU and make the renewal fee payment. During this grace period, your certificate status will display as suspended even so

During this suspension period, PMI doesn’t allow that you refer to yourself as a project management professional. You’re further given one year to make up the due PDUs. However, your credential will be restored but if you failed to earn the needed PDUs, your credential will be canceled and you’ll have to apply to reappear for the PMP test if you successfully earn the PDUs.

How to earn and calculate PDUs?

There are two different types of PDUs that can be earned in different ways Education and Giving Back to the Profession. you need to earn 60 PMI PDUs in a three-year cycle.  Education is the necessary category while the Giving Back category is optional. Generally, the sixty PDU demand is broken down into a minimum of thirty-five Education PDUs and a max of twenty-five Giving Back PDUs. 1 hour of instruction related to project management, project risk, project scheduling, or program management equals 1 PDU.

Education PDUs

Education PDUs are exactly as they sound; they’re earned by nourishing your education in project management. Ongoing education Take in-person or online courses, attend forums, webinars, and industry events, or get into self-directed knowledge and grasp it at your own pace. Just make sure the course you are holding is officially sanctioned to give out PDUs.  These can be earned in a number of ways, similar to the example listed below 

  •  Take a fixed course or gain excess training.
  •  Educator-led courses, both online and offline, are a great source of PDUs. 
  • Both the PMI and multitudinous third-party companies offer courses designed to nourish education in project management

However, you can also attend forums held by the PMI, If you don’t want to commit to taking a course. 

  •  Attend meetings or regional events related to your profession. These are frequently held at PMI chapters and can double as a chance to network. Be sure to check the PMI events timetable to find chapter events near you. 
  • Self-directed education also counts towards earning PDUs. These can be earned by both online self-paced education or self-directed reading applicable to your certificate. Online education can be pursued on the project management website and the PMI store offers numerous relative reading stuff

Give back PDUs

 Produce content that can be added to the body of knowledge, volunteer to give your project management services outside of your company, or just do your job ( exercising project management daily counts toward your credentials). Further details are on the page Project Management Institute (PMI). 

How to earn free PDUs?

It’s not necessary that you always have to pay for your PDU, you can also fetch a few PDUs through free mediums.

You can earn free PDUs through the following ways. 

  • Podcast 
  • Attending Association meetings 
  • Reading or Self– study 
  • Volunteering 
  • Creating content 
  • Working in your day job 
  • Conducting presentation 
  • Webinars etc. 

Does PDU carry over?

Yes. PDUs earned above the needed requirement (e.g. 60 for PMP) in your 3- year certificate cycle can be applied to your next cycle. PDUs earned during the first two years of your cycle can not be applied to a coming cycle. Remember that you can transfer only the PDUs you earned in the 3rd year of your certificate cycle.

What's The PMI Talent Triangle ®?

The PMI Talent Triangle ® combines specialized, leadership, and strategic and business administration experience to focus capabilities that are vital in professional development and continuing education for the project and program executives. The PMI Talent Triangle ensures well-rounded professionals with the knowledge and skillsets necessary in a complex business environmentThe three areas of focus for the PMI Talent Triangle 

The PMI Talent Triangle outlines the three skill areas employers need. They’re as follows 

Technical Project Management- the knowledge, skills, and actions related to specific areas of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. The specialized aspects of performing one’s part

Leadership- the knowledge, skills, and actions required to guide, motivate, and direct a team, to help an association achieve its business objectives

Strategic and Business Management- the knowledge of and skills in the industry and organization that enhances performance and better delivers business products.

Read our blog for more details on how many PDUs from each section of the PMI Triangle do you need to recertify.


Why earning online PDU is the new trend for PMP Renewal?

Why are numerous project managers choosing for the online PDU mode, specifically PMP PDU online courses for completing their 60 PDU requisite for PMP Renewal? Let us dissect to see if that works for you too 

  •  Self– paced These PMI PDU Online courses allow you the facility to complete as numerous courses as you want at your pace. You’re self-dependent on the time, venue, or day for these PMP PDUs. During one weekend, you may complete courses and earn 12 online PDU while on regular days 2-4 online PDU. How numerous online PDU you want to earn is up to you.
  • Accessible You can attend the course from any location, no constraints on the venue, no trip.. Are you traveling? You can still attend these PMP PDU courses and earn online PDUs 
  • Affordable Earning online PDU is less costly than a regular classroom session. While classroom training or education courses may bring you close to$ 150 to$ 200 per PDU, you can get the entire 60 online PDU package for under$ 100 too occasionally
  • Talent Triangle You need to earn a PDU total of 8 minimum in each division of the Talent Triangle. This means you have to report at least 8 online PDUs in Leadership, Strategic & Business, and Specialized elements. The PDU courses are designed in such a way as to meet these essentials. Thus, earning and reporting online PDU for the 3 factors is important. 
  • Variety You get to complete a rich blend of courses that meet the talent triangle as well as each division required by PMI. 
  • PDU in Education While PMI states that you need to report at a minimal 35 PDUs from any of the orders in Education, there’s no cap on the outside. This implies that you can get your full 60 online PDU from education.

Check our 60 PMP PDU course bundle, You will get 1-year access to these courses which you can complete at your own pace.


Most frequent questions and answers

As per the PMP Handbook, PMI allows for the transfer of up to 20 PDUs to the coming CCR cycle provided that the extra PDUs were earned in the final time (12 months) of the current CCR cycle.

Under the education category, the minimal PDU demand is 35 PDUs. Thus, a PMP ® credential holder may fulfill their continuing education necessity solely with education PDUs or a combination of the two orders.

Each hour that you spend reading books earns you 1 PDU up to a max of 30 PDUs. Of course, the book has to be related to project management. You can not read “ War and Peace” and also claim 30 PDUs.

Each PMP certificate cycle lasts for three years during which you'll require to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) to renew your certificate at the end of the cycle. Once you have successfully completed a single cycle, another new three-year cycle begins.

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