How Would Your Coworkers Describe You – Best Answer for Interview

How Would Your Coworkers Describe You – Best Answer for Interview



Interviewers ask the question How colleagues describe you for a number of reasons. Even though this question refers to your colleagues, the employer might actually want to see how you view yourself.

He or she wants to know you will be capable of playing well with others- and can work alongside other individuals to solve problems. No matter what job you are trying to get, you will need to interact with other people regularly and you should have a good enough personality to where you can work with almost anyone.

The best way to answer this question “How Colleagues describe You” is to actually know what your colleagues think about your personality in the workplace. Think back to any times that a colleague has praised an aspect of your personality, such as when you were a great team player on a project, or when you demonstrated kindness and helped a struggling employee.

The easiest thing to do is to speak with your current coworkers and get their honest appraisal of your work ethic. You can also call up former colleagues if you do not currently have a job. This provides you with the most accurate adjectives that could be used to describe you and it will come in handy if a prospective employer calls one of your coworkers as a reference and he or she says the same thing as you. You can also look back on past performance reviews to see what people have said in order to answer these interview questions thoroughly.

You want to answer to the point rather than missing it out altogether. Keep in mind the position requirement when answering – What kind of a person they are really looking for?

You can never cast more doubts onto your answer, if you sound not confident, unclear or uncertain about what people would say about you. Don’t start your answer using the phrase ‘I think my colleagues would tell that  …’ you don’t ‘think’ you are sure.

You do not want to merely give a list of adjectives your coworkers would say about you while answering “How Colleagues describe You”. Instead- focus on one attribute that accurately describes your work ethic. For that attribute think about a time where you showcased that trait at the workplace. When telling a story it is crucial that you do not just make something up. The hiring manager will likely want you to expand on your story- and if you are lying- it is going to show.

While you should focus on the positive, you want your answer “How Colleagues describe You” to be honest too. By being honest, you can avoid taking a job with a company whose culture doesn’t work with your personality.


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Sonia Rai

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