How do you work under stress Example answer?

How would You work under Stress – Best Interview Answer | Crack Interview

How would You work under Stress: Have you heard this question during any of your interviews? Employers often ask job applicants how they handle pressure on jobs. That’s because managers in companies are problem solvers and face some degree of stress every day. And, if candidates want to work for these companies, they must also know how to deal with pressure. Several statements can be framed as responses to this question. However, it’s best to provide specific examples of when you dealt with pressure, and share any results you achieved in stressful situations.

It’s often a mystery as to why interviewers ask candidates certain questions, especially the bizarre variety, but there’s a perfectly valid reason why you’re being asked about your ability to work under pressure.

Employers want to know if you’re able to work efficiently in a demanding and fast-paced environment and whether you’re prepared to go the extra mile. They want to know they’re hiring someone who can coolly evaluate situations, stay focused, take charge and simply get the job done.

Use one of several responses to adequately answer this question. Say that you are organized and usually plan ahead to meet project deadlines, but also allow extra time for delays or unpredictable events. That way you handle pressure situations. Tell the interviewer pressure motivates you to perform better and that you typically succeed in these situations.

Employers know that work can be stressful from time to time and they’re perfectly aware of the effects that overworked and over-stressed employees have on their companies, which is precisely why they look for candidates who can apply practical methods when under pressure. Your answer should convey your ability to stay focused on the task at hand during a major crisis and definitely not how stressful situations make you feel!

Your answer should communicate your ability to prioritize and evaluate many different tasks at once, manage your own time effectively, think clearly in a crisis, and choose the most cost and time-effective solution, so make sure your answer conveys this. If you’re new to the world of work and haven’t any experience to reflect on, it’s perfectly alright to talk about a stressful situation in other areas of life, like exam periods or times of family stress. Whatever you choose to talk about, though, it’s essential that you relate it to the job you’re interviewing for.

Never, ever talk about a time where feeling pressured was a direct result of your own actions. Even if you came through in the end, employers will only view you as a liability to their company and the chances of hiring you become difficult. That said, don’t point fingers, either. Instead, talk about a time where the pressure was a result of something beyond your, or anyone else’s control.

It’s important to remember that your end goal here is to assure employers you’re perfectly capable of handling things.

Don’t let this question take you by surprise in an interview. Formulate a suitable response in advance- one that pertains to your career. Practice rehearsing it with a friend and be prepared to answer the question in every interview.

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