why confidence matters in an interview

why confidence matters in an interview



How confidence matters in an interview want to know the value of Confidence

Each time you go for an interview, it is essential for you to imagine yourself as the interviewer and view yourself. This will help you realize why having confidence is made such a big deal. Let me help you out with the same…

  • It is often said that interviewers make their final decision about the interviewee within seconds of interaction. This is mainly due to body language. Now imagine yourself walking through the door without greeting, or maintaining eye contact, and seating yourself without permission. Would you hire yourself? Exactly! Always remember to greet, as the smile on the interviewer’s face cause he’s impressed, will add to your level of confidence too.
  • Nervous in an interview? That’s alright. Your interviewer can sense your nervousness right from the time you walk in through that door. No matter how nervous, get that power posture when you sit down and maintain it throughout the interview. This not only gives your interviewer the impression that you’re able to overcome your nervousness but adds to your level of confidence on a subconscious level too, making you feel more comfortable.
  • Hate it when people judge you based on how you dress? You should! But now, imagine a shabbily dressed individual wishing to work in your start-up. What would be your first impression? No matter your excuse, always remember first impressions matter extensively in an interview and you need to dress to impress… at least for this day. And does dressing improve your confidence? Of course, it does! The better you dress, smell, and look good, the better you talk, walk and smile.
  • Now comes the part about why confidence is actually important. Confidence is a reflection of your personality. If you’re unable to talk about yourself, how can you talk about your work or your product? If you’re unable to sell your skill to your employer, how will you sell your skill to your client? If you’re unable to deliver simple spoken words, how will you be able to deliver a task assigned? Remember, you may be highly intelligent and involved either with an organization or a start-up, but you still require to impress someone down the line and sell your skill to many, and each of these aspects, without a doubt, require you to possess a sense of confidence. It’s a social world we live in and man indeed, is a social animal. The earlier we start to move out of our comfort zone and be involved in public speaking and other social gatherings, the more our level of confidence tends to improve, and then, interviews wouldn’t seem such a big task.


Swati Upadhyay

Swati Upadhyay

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