Job Security or High Salary

Job Security or High Salary



This is one of the dilemma generally people face in their career while choosing a job. A higher paying job can bring a positive change to your life. However, it may not necessarily be a better job option if you are not confident that you can keep it for a long time.  If your current job or another job offers better security, you may want to think twice before diving impulsively into the well-paid job.

Economic conditions have changed and one of the things the company wants to introduce is less job security, but also a steady pay increase year on year.

Many love job security, while others lust after more money. People who are older tend to be more interested in job security, while the younger generation consider wage growth their number one priority. It is because the older generation are far more financially secure than those people in their 20’s or 30’s, and so earning more is less important. The flip side of that is that younger people are likely to be more employable than older people, and so they have less to worry about should they lose their jobs.

A high paying job is generally more sought after and therefore, it may offer lower job security. Job security suggests that your job is safe for the predictable future and hopefully clean through to retirement. Your job is your income as well as your source of health insurance, retirement and other benefits, and even your self-esteem and your standing in the community. All is well when you even have high income and your job is secure.

Most people seek job security because it’s a simpler way to earn a living, your employer has your job and your income covered freeing you to go about living your life. The downside is when your job is suddenly in danger, the entire financial component of your life is also at risk.

Salary is usually determined by job requirements and responsibilities. If you decide to take a better paying job, you have to be prepared to assume greater responsibilities.

Playing a more important role and working in a new environment can make you feel uncertain, anxious and worried, and contribute to your stress level. Stress can affect your work performance and make it more difficult for you to hold on to the job.

Today economy is not stable, hence the jobs are also wobbling. Even the big companies in the country have to lay-off their employees during their cost cutting period. Where’s the security here? Money does play an important role in motivating an employee to perform his best but with job security, he can perform fearlessly with confidence. This can prove to be beneficial for both the employee and the employer. Securely growing with the growth of the company is the safest way to live life.

Taking risks in life is important but only when you have enough funds. Until then living life with a secured job is the perfect choice to opt for.


Sonia Rai

Sonia Rai

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