Master In Data Science From IU University

Masters in Data Science from Gururo Vs Others



Transform your career with a Master’s Dual Degree in Data Science.

A master’s degree in data science sounds impressive, and it may undoubtedly lead to exciting job prospects as well as valuable real-world experience through research projects and capstone courses.

Why this is the best program across platforms?

Fees –  ₹ 2,22,000 (All-Inclusive – No cost EMI starts at ₹15000 per month)
Degree 🎓 M.Sc. Dual Degree in Data Science from IU, Germany & LSBU, UK
Duration 📅 12 Months
Mode 💻 Online
More details 🚀 Click Here

Here are some of the features of Program
✅ Earn Globally recognized Dual MBA degree from IU University, Germany & LSBU, London.
✅ 41% Avg Salary Hike
✅ Earn a Full-Time degree without leaving your job
✅ Earn two prestigious degrees in just 1 Year
✅ Increase international career prospects, Qualify for top jobs worldwide
✅ Gain extra edge from the world-class practical job assistance program
✅ Get a Free extension if you are unable to complete it for any reason
✅ Get a loan at 0% interest rate, EMI’s as low as 15,000 per month





Master of Science in Data Science

Master of Science in Data Science


INR 2,22,000 (All Inclusive)

INR 3,32,000


INR 1,10,000 cheaper than Jaro Education



IU International University of Applied Sciences


London South Bank University

Same as Gururo


1 Year

1 Year


Dual degree certificate from IU and LSBU

Dual degree certificate


Get Free extension if you are unable to complete for any reason

Not available


Graduation with atleast 50% marks

Same as Gururo

Financing Options

No cost EMI and No processing Fees

Not clear



1st Semester

Advanced Statistics 

Use Case and Evaluation

Seminar: Current Topics in Data Science 

Machine Learning 

Deep Learning 

Case Study: Model Engineering 

2nd Semester


Master Thesis & Colloquium 


Big Data and Software Engineering

Smart Manufacturing Methods and Industrial Automation

Applied Autonomous Driving

Same as Gururo

Why pursuing Data Science is worth it?

High demand: As you know top tier MNCs gather huge amounts of data every day and they need a team of data scientists who would analyze and evaluate this for finding patterns or trends that arise from this data

Varied responsibilities: You can choose from a variety of jobs across industries. Due to the shortage of skill sets, many job positions are vacant in various industries.

High paying stable jobs: Well ultimately we are all on the lookout for jobs that pay well and data science is just the perfect fit. The average salary of a data scientist is much higher than that of any other technical professional.


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Sonia Rai

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