Master of Business Administration

An MBA in International Marketing will open the door to a career in a creative, customer-oriented, and data-driven field. You could head international marketing and advertising campaigns and work with partners, colleagues, and agencies across the globe.

Course Start Date

1 July, 2024


IU University

Learning Format

Fully Online or Blended


18 Months
3 Semesters

Trial Period

1 month refund policy guaranteed

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MBA Program Overview

The IU Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Marketing expands your knowledge of marketing specifically in the areas of international branding and marketing of products and services. Among other things, you will learn how to implement quality customer relationship marketing (CRM) and increase customer value through an understanding of long-term customer loyalty. In your future career, your team, your business partners, and especially your customers will be the central focus of your work which you will manage with energy and expertise. 

Post Graduate Certificate In IT Management Gururo

Key Features

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MBA Degree Certificate

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Semester 1


  • Foundations of Professional Leadership
  • Leadership and Motivation in the Corporation
  • Leadership and Corporate Culture
  • Leadership and Change Management

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Business Ideas and Company Foundations
  • Financing Sources and Processes
  • Internet, Digital Business, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Family-owned Companies

International Marketing

  • Introduction to International Marketing
  • The International Context of Corporations
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Features of the Marketing-mix Specific to the International Context
  • Trends in International Marketing

Performance Measurement

  • Performance Measurement Concepts
  • Measuring Financial Performance
  • Drivers of Financial and Operational Performance

Corporate Finance

  • Portfolio and Capital Market Theory
  • Financing and Capital Structure
  • Company Assessment Procedures
  • Acquisition, Corporate Control, and Governance
  • Finance Planning

Managerial Economics

  • The Nature of Managerial Economics
  • Market Forces: Demand and Supply
  • Market Structures and Competition
  • Strategy Analysis and Decision-making
Semester 2

Strategic Management

  • Foundations and Concepts of Strategic Management
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • International Challenges of Strategic Management

Operations and Information Management

  • Preparation of Reliable Demand Forecasts
  • Site Planning
  • Process Design and Process Planning
  • Inventory Management and Production Control
  • Information Systems in the Supply Chain
  • Behavioral Operations Management

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

  • Introduction to
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Ethics Theories
  • Business Ethics Problem Areas and Solutions
  • Basic Perspectives of Corporate Governance
  • Monitoring Concepts for Corporate Governance
  • Combining Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Global Brand Management

  • Analyze brands, brand components and brand management.
  • Examine how brands are positioned and re-positioned in regional, national and international markets and explore the concept of shared- and co-operative branding.
  • Promote the importance of brand valuation and measurement techniques within their company.
  • Form and apply tactics to address brand falsification and protection as well as to develop strategies to manage a brand crisis.
  • Analyze the main challenges facing international brands, and be able to measure their brand equity
  • Understand the factors that contribute to increasing or losing consumer-based brand equity.
  • Analyze a company’s current brand strategy and propose viable alternatives as well as make informed decisions with greater probability of success

Sales & Pricing

  • Identify the key-success factors for modern sales organizations.
  • Describe the relationship between segmentation and the design of an appropriate sales organization.
  • Execute respective analyses and apply improvement levers.
  • Demonstrate the use of the tool-boxes for the respective optimization levers.
  • Identify major characteristics of a high-performance sales organization.
  • Conduct decisive analyses to assess the strength and weaknesses of a sales organization and identify respective optimization levers.
  • Implement the required organizational and process-related improvement levers.
  • Measure the performance of a sales-organization using established methods, KPIs and metrics.
  • Apply fundamental concepts of international pricing.

International Consumer Behavior

  • Consumer Behavior
  • The Consumer Decision-Making Process
  • Internal Influences on Consumer Behavior
  • External Influences on Consumer Behavior
  • International Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior
Semester 3

Applied Marketing Research

  • The Role of Marketing Research in Managerial Decision-Making
  • Problem Definition and the Marketing Research Process
  • Secondary Data and Qualitative Research
  • Survey Research and the Concept of Measurement
  • Observational Research
  • Sampling Issues, Data Processing, and Fundamental Data Analysis
  • Communicating the Research Results

Capstone Project Thesis & Defense

Program Faculty

Admission Details

Application Process

The application process consists of four simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates by paying the admission fee.

step 1

Submit Application

step 2

Application Review

step 3

Telephonic Discussion

step 4

Admission Completed

Eligible Candidates

For admission to this program, candidates should have:

Academic Criteria

Completed degree from an officially recognized university with at least 50% or Grade C

Work Experience

At least one-year qualified work experience post completion of your undergraduate studies

English Skills

If you graduate from an English- speaking school, you don’t need to prove your English skills. Else test is required

Admission Counselors

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Admission Fee & Financing


Payment Structure 

  • Full-time (18 months): € 293/month or ₹ 26,252/month

  • Part-time 1 (24 months): € 248/month or ₹ 22,173/month

  • Part-time 2 (36 months): € 183/month or ₹ 16,408/month

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Gururo' Advantage

Job Assistance
Get premium access to latest and relevant opportunities on top job platform. Learners also get benefit to the vast alumni referral network.
Leadership Profile Building
Get assistance in creating a world-class resume & LinkedIn Profile from our professional team to grab the attention of the hiring manager.
  Mock Interview Preparation
Students will go through mock interviews conducted by technical experts who will then offer tips and constructive feedback for reference and improvement.
  1 On 1 Career Mentoring Sessions
Attend 1-1 sessions with career mentors on how to secure your dream job based on a academic background, past experience, and future career aspirations.
  Leader Sessions
Learn from the Industry Leaders who have been there and done that. Leverage the experience shared by them of their struggles and success mantras.
  Access To Premium Courses

Access to 200+ hours of premium self-paced courses to gain knowledge on the most desired industry skills.


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies and projects

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