15 habits that will get you promoted over everyone else

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Good habits that will get you promoted over everyone else

Follow the below-listed pointers, and you will get promoted yearly, irrespective of organization and years of experience.

  1. Develop leadership skills. Leaders are promoted; followers are not.
  2. Solve annoying problems. Find challenges that frustrate your team and eliminate them.
  3. Bring your best consistently. No excuses.
  4. Ignore everyone else. You’ll waste time and energy comparing yourself to your peers. The only competition is with your past self.
  5. Bring a positive attitude daily. Nobody wants to work with a jerk, so treat others respectfully and kindly.
  6. Be authentically you. Don’t try to mirror others; you’ll blend in and look like everyone else.
  7. Build meaningful relationships with a heart of giving and selflessness. Don’t get taken advantage of, but give more than you take.
  8. Innovate. Tech is helpful, but you can also innovate through simplifying processes, improving customer experiences, etc.
  9. Don’t wait to be told what to do. Know your job, get it done, and do it exceptionally well.
  10. Be adaptable. “That’s not my job” should never come out of your mouth.
  11. Don’t envy those ahead of you. Learn from them. Ask for a mentorship. The right mentor can change your life.
  12. Remove negative, complaining peers from your circle. Negativity is cancer that spreads and destroys. Avoid it at all costs.
  13. Work on your interview skills. You can’t get promoted if you suck at interviews.
  14. Create your legacy moments. Promotions come from bursts of extraordinary effort and results. So 1-2 times a year, find ways to blow everyone away. This is how you achieve LEGEND status. Remember, legends are not born. They are built.
  15. Ask for what you want. You might be surprised at how well this works. Want a promotion? Ask for it. You’ve just planted the seed even if you don’t get the immediate “yes”.


Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma

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