What are your hobbies and interests ? Answering this interview question

What are your hobbies and interests? Answering this interview question



When preparing for a job interview, you’ll no doubt be preparing answers to questions related to your personality.

Interviewers ask this question to get to know the real you – this is especially important as they need to know that you would be a good fit for the role personality-wise, as well as by your skills and experience.

While this question is about you as a person and you should be honest, it’s also a great way of tipping the scales in your favor, especially if you feel that you haven’t impressed the interviewer enough so far.

So before preparing yourself for the above Interview questions, please read the below tips which will help you to answer the question in a better way during your next interview.

Be honest:

Be honest about your hobbies and do not mention any hobbies and talents that you do not possess, as your own. The more truthful you are, the more confidently you would be able to respond to the questions regarding your hobbies and succeed in impressing the interviewers. Interviewers are highly experienced at identifying a bluff with respect to your passions and interests and hence, honesty is the first key to answering a question about your pastimes.

Mention certain unique hobbies:

When asked about your passions, name certain unique and rare hobbies that you possess and master. Exceptional and distinctive hobbies tend to fascinate and intrigue the interviewers and elevate your impression. Even if you have certain common or typical hobbies, creatively mold them to sound like extraordinary talent. Interviewers tend to assess your versatility through your response.

Gather all the knowledge revolving around your hobbies:

It is imperative to possess a fair amount of general knowledge regarding your passion, as the interviewers judge you on the basis of the extra information that you are cognizant of with respect to your hobbies and interests. If for instance you claim that coin collection is your hobby, or cooking Cuban food is your passion, you must be prepared with an answer to every question regarding the same, be it a Cuban recipe, common ingredients in that particular cuisine, Cuban restaurants, or the value of the coins, various currencies, changes in rates, materials of the coins, the rarity of the silvers, etc. When you provide interesting and attention-grabbing information about your hobby, it assures the interviewer that you are honest, talented, mindful, and unique. Additionally, it renders the interview into an exciting, informative, and meaningful discussion.


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