What is your weakness? – Best interview answer

What is your weakness? - Best interview answer



What are your weaknesses This is a common Interview question which makes any candidate uncomfortable during Interviews? The candidate often finds himself in a dilemma about how to answer this question. If not answered this question in an appropriate manner, it can cost you your job offer.

Every person has some kind of weakness like short temperament, not-so-good communication skills, impatience e.tc. But the point here is whether you know your weakness or not and most importantly, can you make the weakness as your strength and sell these traits during Job Interviews when you are asked “What are your weaknesses?”

So here are some of the points which can make you comfortable and your answers can be received in a positive manner which can give you desired results.

  1. Be modest and humble :

Every individual has their own set of weaknesses. Be modest, down-to-earth, and straightforward while stating weaknesses. However, do not mention weaknesses that would seem like you are aiming to generate pity and sympathy from the interviewers towards you. When asked about your strengths and weaknesses in the same question, state your weaknesses first and then move on to your strengths as your response would end on a more assertive and positive note.

  1. Define certain weaknesses that would not directly affect your performance in that job profile:

If a certain job demands assignments be completed and submitted within a specific deadline, and you claim that not being punctual and always delaying everything is one of your weaknesses, you will be rejected right away. Therefore, study and examine the job profile and its requisites in detail, and then chalk out certain weaknesses that would not influence your performance directly or otherwise, or have an adverse effect on your productivity in the firm.

  1. Project your weakness as a strength:

Mold your responses in a fashion that your weaknesses too are perceived as strengths by the interviewers. Hide your strengths in the garb of a weakness. In other words, the weakness that you state as your answer must actually be a strength in a disguise. For instance, some companies require their employees to be diplomatic in their approach. If you were to claim that the weakness is that you cannot be too straightforward and outright with people, the interviewers would perceive your weakness in a positive light. Mention the weaknesses that would help you succeed rather than fail and create a negative or unprofessional impression.

  1. Do not mention too many weaknesses:

You should always mention more strengths than your flaws. However, when asked about your weaknesses, be crisp, concise, and direct about it. Do not beat around the bush or try too hard to justify your shortcomings.

  1. Explain how you plan to overcome your weaknesses:

Defects and inadequacies can be repaired and channelized towards the path of progress. Project a positive attitude and highlight how and what you have been undertaking to overcome your limitations, and also mention a few weaknesses that you succeeded in overcoming with some effort from your end. Assure the interviewers that you possess the potential to deal with, work on and minimize the impact of your flaws to convert them into a visible strength.

  1. Explain how the potential job will aid you to eliminate your weaknesses:

Praise the firm and the requisite duties it offers in the job profile. Describe how the firm would guide and assist you to get rid of all your weaknesses, and also help you improve and evolve on a personal as well as a professional level. Additionally, state that the job is the most ideal platform that would benefit you extensively and provide numerous learning experiences for you.

Finally, be Confident answering “What are your weaknesses” and score extra marks even when you are talking about your weaknesses.


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