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Human Resource (HR) Managers are an integral part of every company since they are in charge of recruiting, hiring, and managing the company’s employees. HR professionals need to understand the needs and goals of an organisation to be able to recruit and train such employees who are capable of meeting these needs and reaching the requisite goals.
Given their significant role, HR professionals are in high demand. Individuals with this job profile are greatly rewarded for their hard work too in terms of salary and other benefits.

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Eligibility Criteria

Students from any discipline are eligible to apply for a Master’s in HR provided that they have attained at least 50% marks during their undergraduate study.

Colleges and Entrances

Many students dream to study from foreign universities. But their dreams fail to materialise either due to financial constraints or time constraints. To get rid of this obstacle, Gururo— a leading EdTech company— offers an opportunity to pursue a Master’s in Human Resource Management from IU University (Germany) and LSBU (London). Students can be a part of this programme either online or offline. So if you already have a job, you need not worry about leaving it.
The fee for the above programme is ₹ 3,35,000, with the option of availing financial aid and EMIs.
For more details, you can go through the following blog:

Masters in Human Resource Management

Apart from this, Indian institutes offering a Master’s in Human Resource Management are:

  • Dr. D.Y. Patil University, Navi Mumbai
  • XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • MDI, Gurgaon
  • ITM, Navi Mumbai

The average fees for above programmes is ₹8,00,000 and the admission is based on entrance exams.

Required Skill Set

To become a good HR professional, there are certain skills you must possess:

  • Effective communicator
  • Leadership skills
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Optimism

Course Curriculum

Semester 1

  • Human Resource Management 1
  • Human Resource Management 2
  • Strategic Management
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Aspects of International Labour Law
  • Seminar: Current Issues in International Labour Laws

Semester 2

  • Applied Statistics
  • Employer Branding and Recruiting
  • Talent Management and HR Development
  • Project: Human Resources Management
  • Leadership
  • New Work

Semester 3

  • People Analytics and Big Data
  • Seminar: International Human
  • Resource Management
  • Elective B

Semester 4

  • Master Thesis and Colloquium


  • Diversity Management
  • Human Performance
  • International Labour Law
  • Negotiation and Intercultural Management
  • Work and Organizational Psychology

Job Profiles and Salaries

Undoubtedly, HR professionals are well paid. One thing to keep in mind though is that salary depends on the job profile. Here is a list of the various job profiles in HR and the respective salaries offered:

  • HR Manager (Talent Acquisition)- 9.8 LPA
  • HR Manager- Training- 14 LPA
  • HR Professor- 3.7 LPA
  • International Human Resources Professional- 6.9 LPA
  • Employee Education Consultant- 3.3 LPA
  • Training & Development Manager- 8.7 LPA

Top Recruiters

The following companies are the top recruiters of HR professionals:

  • Sutra HR
  • ABC Consultants
  • Adecco India
  • AON Hewitt
  • CareerNet
  • Global InnovSource
  • IKYA Human Capital
  • Kelly Services India
  • Manpower Group
  • Team Lease

Pros and Cons


  • Helping others is the fundamental role of an HR manager.
  • If you like to interact with people, you’d have numerous opportunities to do so.
  • Your ability to motivate employees will have a direct impact on the organisation’s goals.
  • HR managers get paid really well.


  • To be able to become an expert in this field, a lot of experience is required.
  • HR managers have to deal with the problems that employees present them with, which can be emotionally draining sometimes.
  • Being in this profession can be extremely stressful at times due to workload and competition.


Most frequent questions and answers
Is it true that HR jobs will soon be automated?

While it is correct that some tasks in HR are being automated by AI, there’s still a huge demand for HR professionals. This is due to the fact that when dealing with people (the main role of an HR), machines are not very sophisticated and effective. 

Do I have to go for an MBA to get a degree in HR?

You can do that. However, you can also get a Master’s degree in HRM without the need to go for an MBA. 

What is HR?

HR stands for Human Resources. HR departments in an organisation are given the job of recruiting, hiring, and managing employees to get closer to the organisation’s goals keeping in mind the employees’ needs as well.

Do I need to be a Commerce student to get a degree in HR?

No, students from any discipline/background can get a degree in HR.

What’s the minimum percentage requirement to get into a college for HR degree?

The minimum percentage one would require is 50% in graduation.

What are the various job profiles in HR?

Following are the various job profiles offered to HR graduates:
o HR Manager- Talent Acquisition
o HR Manager- Training
o HR Professor
o International Human Resources Professional
o Education Consultant
o Training & Development Manager 

Do HR managers get paid well?

Yes, they do. However, it also depends on the job profile of the individual. For instance, the most paid job profile is that of HR Manager- Training.


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