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Driven to solve people’s needs, made a profit by opening a candy stall during your summer holidays or by selling stationery, passionate about leading a team to bring a change—does this describe you?

If yes, then it may not be stretch to say that you are zealous about Business. Well, I have a good news for you. Staring at the crossroads of a myriad possibilities, uncertainty and doubt, by now, will have become your pesky friends. There is one way out though. A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Why, you ask? Well, why not? Given that you already have an inclination towards what business entails, it makes perfect sense. However, to convince you further, let’s take a look at the depths of a bachelor’s degree in business.


Candidates who have completed their class 12th from any stream with an aggregate of 50% marks are eligible to apply. Though some premier institutes mandate 60% aggregate in class 12th. Additionally, the age of the candidate must not be less than 17 and more 22 years.

Entrance Exams and Fees

You can pursue this degree by applying on Gururo, which is a leading EdTech company. The business courses offered by Gururo in partnership with IU International University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and London South Bank University (UK) are top-notch. The added benefit is that you receive a dual degree from IU and LSBU for reduced costs. Furthermore, you can choose to either attend classes online or offline- it will make no difference in the experiences you gather.
The fee for the above is as follows:
First Year – INR 1,40,000
On Campus for Two years (Germany) – EUR 10,000 (Approx.)
EMI as well as financial aid options are also available.
Do go through the following link to know more about the eligibility criteria, and many more benefits:
Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Other than this, Indian universities offering a BBA degree include:
• NMIMS, Mumbai
• Symbiosis, Pune
• J.D. Birla Institute, Kolkata
The average fee in above mentioned institutes ranges from ₹ 5,00,000 to ₹ 9,00,000.

Required Skill Set

The world of business is not for the meek and timid. Confidence and assertiveness are key to thriving in this field. Moreover, strong interpersonal and communication skills are a requirement. Also, adaptability and resilience are traits that are looked for in a candidate.

Course Curriculum

1st Semester

  • Academic Integrity and Writing for Business
  • Business 101
  • Managerial Economics
  • Introduction to Academic Work
  • Principles of Management
  • Global Corporations and Globalization

2nd Semester

  • Business Mathematics
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Management Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management I
  • International Marketing
  • Statistics – Probability and Descriptive Statistics

3rd Semester

  • Corporate Finance and Investment
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International HR Management
  • Service Operations Management
  • Collaborative Work
  • Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making

4th Semester

  • Digital Business Models
  • Sustainability
  • International Accounting
  • Research Methods
  • Corporate Governance and Strategy
  • Leadership 4.0

5th Semester

  • International Brand Management
  • Seminar: Current Issues in International Management
  • Supply Chain Management II
  • Agile Project Management
  • Electives A

6th Semester

  • Electives B
  • Electives C
  • Bachelor Thesis


In your fifth and sixth semester, you will choose elective modules to adapt your degree to your specific interests.

  • Applied Sales
  • Managing People And Fundamentals Of Business
  • Financial Services Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Online And Social Media Marketing
  • Fundamentals Of Operations Research
  • Smart Factory
  • Introduction To Data Science And Programming With Python
  • IT Service Management
  • Foreign Language
  • Studium Generale
  • Internship

Job Profiles and Salary

The following section illustrates the different job profiles offered to BBA graduates and the average salary offered based on these respective profiles

  • HR Executive- ₹ 3.75 lakh
  • Marketing Executive- ₹ 2.91 lakh
  • Marketing Manager- ₹ 6.84 lakh
  • Sales Executive- ₹ 2.44 lakh
  • Entrepreneur- ₹ 7.44 lakh
  • Financial Advisor- ₹ 3.83 lakh
  • Public Relations- ₹ 5.21 lakh

Top Recruiters

Here is a list of the top companies that offer jobs to BBA graduates:

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Capgemini
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corp
  • Ernst & Young (EY)
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • ICICI Bank
  • Microsoft
  • Mc Kinsey and Company
  • Sony
  • Deloitte

Pros and Cons


  • A BBA degree will help you to gain an advantage over those individuals who go for an MBA after completing their graduation in other subjects. This is because you will already have more insights into the world of business and would have developed many requisite skills.
  • Most skills you will learn during the course of your study will be beneficial in day-to-day life as well. For instance, assertiveness, interpersonal skills, diplomacy, adaptability, etc.
  • As opposed to an MBA, BBA is three years long. This gives you ample time to learn the basics of management.


  • Companies often prefer MBA graduates over BBA graduates. So employment opportunities right after you complete your studies may test your luck a bit.
  • Opt for a BBA only if you are determined to get an MBA later. This is because BBA is general in nature and will give you an understanding of businesses. It will not help you come up with products to sell.
  • A BBA is quite expensive. Even though financial aids are available for students, there is no denying that this degree is comparatively more expensive than a B.Sc. or B.Com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is BBA as expensive as MBA?
No, it costs much lesser than an MBA. The average fees is ₹ 2-4 lakhs.

2. Is it mandatory to do a BBA before doing an MBA?
It isn’t. However, doing so does give you an edge over those who directly do an MBA as you’d be exposed to an entrepreneurial environment much earlier and would have more time to flourish your skills.
3. Am I eligible for a BBA if I have completed class 12th in science stream?
Yes. Students from any stream are eligible for pursuing a BBA.

4. What are some important skills I need to have before applying for a business degree?
The most important skill to have is communication skills. It is a desirable skill to have but it is not a prerequisite for BBA application. You will develop these and many other skills during your course of study.

5. I am bad at maths. Can I still apply for a business degree?
Yes, you can. It must be noted though that having a mathematically-oriented will surely help you ace your journey during your studies. So even if you think you are not good at maths, you can definitely work on it and become better. It is never too late to start.

6. I have completed my 12th standard with 50% marks. Am I eligible for applying to BBA colleges?
Yes, you are. Although you will have to face dejection when applying for premier institutes as they usually mandate at least a score of 60% in class 12th.

7. Why is it important to have a business degree? Why can’t I just start a business of my own without a degree?
You can start a business without a business degree. Yet, what will make you stand apart from those who do have a business degree will be an actual understanding of the workings of the entrepreneurial set-up. When you’d be relying on trial-and-error methods to make a name for yourself, others with a business degree will apply tried-and-tested methods to move forward.

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