Masters in Data Science from Gururo Vs Others

Masters in Data Science from Gururo Vs Others



Through this article, you’ll know the details on the offering of the Data Science program by IU and the benefits of doing Masters In Data Science From Gururo Vs Others

How Has This Comparison Been Done?
To help you get better value for your investment, we have researched the Master of Science in Data Science from IU University, studied their brochures, and comprehensively analyzed their offerings.

10+ key factors compared head to head
Includes Learning formats, Course duration, Key features of the program, Curriculum, Certificate that you’ll get, Course Fees, Financing Options, Criteria for eligibility.
In the end, this will hopefully get you to make the right decision on training yourself in Artificial Intelligence and reap the opportunities in it, wisely.

Check out the course details Master of Science in Data Science

Masters in Data Science from Gururo Vs Others





Master of Science in Data Science

Master of Science in Data Science


INR 1,90,000 (All Inclusive)

Ranges between INR 3-5 Lakhs


IU International University of Applied Sciences


London South Bank University

Same as Gururo


1 Year

1 Year


Dual degree certificate from IU and LSBU

Dual degree certificate


Graduation with atleast 50% marks

Same as Gururo

Financing Options

No cost EMI and No processing Fees

Depends on the organization



1st Semester

Advanced Statistics 

Use Case and Evaluation

Seminar: Current Topics in Data Science 

Machine Learning 

Deep Learning 

Case Study: Model Engineering 

2nd Semester


Master Thesis & Colloquium 


Big Data and Software Engineering

Smart Manufacturing Methods and Industrial Automation

Applied Autonomous Driving

Same as Gururo


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Abhishek Sharma

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