Mastering the PMP® Certification Status From Active to Expired

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Project Management Professional (PMP) remains a gold standard in the project management field. While earning the PMP® certification is a significant achievement, maintaining it is equally crucial. From the moment you pass the PMP® exam, your journey as a certified professional truly begins, entailing specific responsibilities and requirements to keep your PMP® Certification Status in good standing.

Active Status

Upon passing the PMP® exam, you enter the realm of active status. This status grants you the privilege to showcase the PMP® badge on your professional profiles and leverage it in your career advancement.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Renewal Requirement: Every 3 years, PMP® professionals are obligated to renew their certification to preserve its active status.
  • Earning PDUs: To meet the renewal criteria, certification holders must earn and report 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs).
  • Renewal Fee: Alongside reporting PDUs, you need to pay a specific renewal fee to PMI.

Suspension Status

If, for any reason, you miss renewing your certification by the third anniversary of your PMP® exam pass date, your certification enters suspension status. This phase lasts for a year and comes with its implications.
Impacts of Suspension:
  • Badge Restrictions: During suspension, promoting yourself as a PMP® certified professional or using the PMP® badge is prohibited.
  • PDU Earnings: PDUs earned during the suspension period can still be reported and will count towards your renewal.
Reactivation: Should you complete the required 60 PDUs and pay the renewal fee within the suspension year, your certification will revert to active status.

Expiration Status

Should you neglect the renewal requirements even after the suspension year, your PMP® certification will lapse into expiration status.
Reinstating Your PMP Certification:
  • Retake the PMP® Exam: If you wish to regain your PMP® status, you’ll need to register, apply, and pass the PMP® exam once more.
  • Alternate ways: Please reach out to us to regain your certificate without passing the exam.

Conclusion : PMP® Certification Status

The PMP® certification status spectrum, from active to expired, necessitates vigilance, commitment, and understanding from professionals. However, with the right knowledge and a proactive approach, maintaining your coveted PMP® badge becomes a straightforward affair. If ever in doubt or facing unusual circumstances, always remember PMI® is there to assist, guide, and ensure you remain a proud member of the global community of PMP® certified professionals.

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