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IU LSBU MSc Artificial Intelligence



Robots, smart devices, autonomous vehicles: AI is enabling what people once said was impossible. Shape the future of industries with a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence.

AI is the sweet spot where mathematical minds meet creativity and vision for a better, more efficient world. A Master’s in Artificial Intelligence at IU provides you with key technical knowledge, tools, and training and helps you apply these to practical use cases for innovation. The exciting thing about a degree in artificial intelligence? The huge scope of industries you can enter once you graduate. You could move into computer science, automotive, mechanical engineering, healthcare, or even the arts. AI is driving change in nearly all sectors.





Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence


INR 2,22,000 (All Inclusive)

INR 3,32,000


INR 1,10,000 cheaper than Jaro Education



IU International University of Applied Sciences


London South Bank University

Same as Gururo


1 Year

1 Year


Dual degree certificate from IU and LSBU

Dual degree certificate


Get Free extension if you are unable to complete for any reason

Not available


For candidates having completed 4 years of graduation, 1 year of Work Experience is required

For candidates having completed 3 years of graduation, 2 Years of work experience is required

Knowledge of Programming in python and Advanced Mathematics.

Note- This can be acquired through earlier studies, or through any course or work experience. If not, free courses are offered once the student enrolls in the program. Once these courses are cleared, original program content will be provided to them.

Same as Gururo



1st Semester

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Use Case and Evaluation

Reinforcement Learning

Seminar: Current Topics in AI

Project: AI Use Case

2nd Semester


Master Thesis & Colloquium


Computer Vision and NLP

Advanced Robotics 4.0

Applied Autonomous Driving

Same as Gururo

Financing Options

No cost EMI and No processing Fees

Not clear

Why this is the best program across platforms?

Fees –  ₹ 2,22,000 (All-Inclusive – No cost EMI starts at ₹15000 per month)
Degree 🎓 M.Sc. Dual Degree in Artificial Intelligence from IU, Germany & LSBU, UK
Duration 📅 12 Months
Mode 💻 Online
More details 🚀 Click Here

Why You Should Invest In Masters In Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is currently occupying a pedestal that sets it up as the main driving force of major industries in the near future.

AI technologies are the next big thing, and if you intend to make it big in the field, you have to be willing to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge

  • The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence is Being Seen as Similar to the Dawn of the Internet
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence is Life-Changing
  • Real-World Applications of Artificial Intelligence are Virtually Limitless
  • Most In-Demand Jobs Benefit from Specializing in AI
  • There aren’t A Lot of Master’s Degrees in AI Being Offered Yet, But They are Expected to Increase Rapidly
  • The Job Demand is High and is Only Expected to Increase
  • A Master’s Degree in AI Secures Your Footing in the Field


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