How to make friends as an international student

How to make friends as an international student



How to make friends as an international student – 3 ways to make friends

Making friends is essentially the most crucial element of having a successful life experience when you study overseas Generally, when we move to another country, we don’t have a support network of family, friends, teachers etc. Therefore, when you first move overseas, it can be not very safe. However, focusing on some things can help you make friends fast and enjoy the adventure of being an international student in another country.

So what are some things that you can do to make good friends as soon as you are in your new country?

Speak to other international students

The first people you will probably have contact with are other international students. This is because they will be in the same situation as you and feel the same pressures, excitement and nervousness that you will. The point is it will be easier to make friends with the other international students than anyone else (especially if you live with or near them) because you have a lot in common. So the idea is to speak to many international students in your group/class and try to find things you have in common. Also, ask them questions about their countries and tell them about yours etc.

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Join a team or club in your school/college/university

Another excellent method to make friends (especially citizens of the country you are in/non-international students) is to find groups, sports teams, clubs etc. where you can meet new people and increase the number of people that you know in your new country (Both within your school/college/university and also outside in the local community). Now, if you hate football, don’t join a football team. Instead, find an activity you enjoy or have never tried and sign up. 

Generally, immigrants and international students are well accepted when they are seen to be trying to fit into a country and learning the culture. When you try new things, you will be appreciated and taken more and have a more significant opportunity to make friends.

Try to help other people

As discussed in the winning psychology section above, it is an excellent method to try and help other people. Not only will it make you feel good, but it will help you make friends. People will appreciate you more and probably want to help you when needed. It is also perfect for sharing ideas, advice, suggestions etc. when people have questions. You will find it a lot easier to ask other people questions and have conversations when you are trying to improve their lives. Basically, the more you help other people, the more you will be included, listened to and accepted when you meet new people/classmates.

Do what the local people do. When you want to make friends with citizens from the country you will be living in; you need to put yourself in the right situation to meet those people.

This can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the same first language as the native citizens of that country. However, you can do it.

What you are looking to do is to find people who you can connect with even though you have a cultural barrier and quite possibly a language barrier. So how do you make friends with citizens of your country?

  1. Try to find groups or teams in your university/college/school that contain a lot of native students. These groups will be the easiest ones to connect with; you will already have things in common with them.
  2. Try finding groups, activities or teams outside your school/university/college. This sounds logical, but trying and meeting as many people as possible is vital so you will give yourself the best chance to make friends. Thus it is essential to have contact with different people from different places to expand your pool of potential friends.
  3. Ask your school, university or college if they have any programs (such as a study buddy or student guide) to whom you can meet and talk.
  4.  Finally, as previously discussed in this book, try to help other people, and they will more likely become your friend. Specifically, with native citizens, put up flyers or find something you are good at, teach them your language and try to teach someone something else (Or try to help them in some way). You are exotic, a foreigner from another country, so use that to your advantage and put yourself in a situation where local people want to learn about you or your culture, language etc. Just remember, you must put yourself in a safe position! Never meet someone in a secluded or quiet place. For example: if you are going to teach someone your language, give the lessons in a café, not in your house/apartment and always have someone else with you if possible.

The secret to making friends is to be proactive. You can’t wait for someone else to talk to you. So you need to search for and find the situations that will help you meet new people. Then speak to them – be friendly and if you talk to enough people, you will find some great friends for life!

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