Project Management – Scope Scenario-based Interview Questions and Answers




In this blog series, we will be covering the entire spectrum of scenario questions around the important aspects of project/program management. Like – Scope, Cost, Stakeholder Management, Quality, Team Management e.t.c

What are Short scenarios or situations-based questions

Nowadays there are no direct questions on offer in a management interview. Interviewers take the route of scenarios or situations which frequently occurs in day-to-day job So that they can be certain that the interviewee is a fit for the position.

By real-time questions, employers can judge the knowledge and work experience of the candidate more authentically.

It also shows how spontaneous you are under pressure and whether you will handle it on the job.

While answering these questions always remember the thumb rule – offer multiple solutions, not just one. It will display your flexibility in approach, spontaneity, and real work experience

Let’s start examining the different questions and situations typically asked during interviews –

We will start with Scope.


Swati Upadhyay

Swati Upadhyay

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