Is it worth doing MBA from IU University?



International MBA jobs are on the rise. 800,000 new MBA jobs are projected in the EU alone by 2022! 

If you have come across the MBA program from the International University of Applied Science and are interested but unable to decide whether to pursue it or not, this article is for you.

With so many domestic and international universities offering MBAs, Is it worth doing MBA from IU university. 

We will first understand about the right time of doing MBA and then will dig into the benefits of doing MBA from International University of applied sciences, Germany

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When is the most appropriate time to go for an MBA?

It’s tempting to strive to get that next degree as soon as feasible once you complete the graduation. However, if you move too soon, you may not be prepared for the programs offered by the world’s finest universities. And if you wait too long, you may have wasted years that could have been spent advancing your profession. So, what is the correct response? When is the optimum time to pursue an MBA? Go through the next sections to understand the same.

Isn't it possible for me to start straight after I finish my bachelor's degree?

With a few exceptions, getting an MBA after college is not the best time. Even if you get your MBA from one of the best business schools, an MBA doesn’t guarantee you a job like it used to. Hiring managers claim that only MBA applicants with substantial professional experience are of interest to them. It’s pointless to acquire an MBA if you can’t find work afterward. It’s also quite tough to gain admission to the best business schools directly after graduation. As a result, conventional wisdom suggests that you should wait a few years before enrolling for an MBA. This is due to several factors:

  • If you wish to get accepted into an elite program, you must first have some experience: The average age of MBA students at most major business schools indicates that they are roughly five-fifteen years out of a bachelor’s degree. 
  • Be certain that an MBA is required for your desired professional path: Another reason to hold off on getting an MBA for a few years is that the degree isn’t always required – so don’t waste your time if you don’t have to.
  • Additionally, after you enter the employment, you will have a better notion of what you want to accomplish professionally; only by doing it will you be able to tell if a specific path is suitable for you.
  • Find the program that is right for you at the right time in your career.

Benefits of doing MBA

  • Develop advanced and flexible management skills to accelerate your career path
  • There are numerous MBA specializations to choose from to meet your specific objectives.
  • Access to an extensive business network to expand and diversify your network
  • MBA salaries are among the best in the industry.
  • MBAs are excellent for job advancement and expanding business chances.
  • Study excellent MBAs all over the world
  • MBAs are challenging but not difficult to graduate
  • You can study for an MBA part-time or online
  • MBA degrees accept older students

The Advantages of Getting an MBA from IU University

  • Dual Degree from IU and LSBU (London South Bank University)
  • 5-Star QS High-Quality Education
  • WES Recognised
  • AACSB Member
  • Ranked the best private university in Germany in the field of business management with the most top group rankings
  • Germany’s largest university.
  • Ranked No. 1 online university in Germany – QS Ranking
  • Accredited by the German Council of Sciences
  • Received five FIBAA premium seals
  • 75000+ Alumni from 110 countries.
  • Get access to the International student career office
  • Alumni status of IU and LSBU
  • 18 Months Post-Study Work Visa in Germany
  • Flexible Schedule – No need to quit your job
  • Job Assistance
  • 94 percent of IU graduates get a job within the first 3 months of graduating and, after two years, an average of 80 percent have management responsibilities
  • Free extension in case if you are unable to complete the degree program as per the schedule
  • Full time degree in half the duration. You can get an MBA from international university of applied sciences in just 12 months!
Learn more about the MBA programs from International university of applied sciences and London south bank university


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