Top 10 SKILLS required to Score 100 percentile in CAT in 2022

Top 10 SKILLS required to Score 100 percentile in CAT



To Score 100 percentile in CAT , one needs well defined strategy with a fixed timeline guide to achieve this remarkable feat. For CAT 2022 exam day, your self-preparation remains the key to crack CAT 2022 with high score. This is revealed by the candidates scoring 100 and 99 percentile in CAT exams. When you’re applying to top Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), it’s good to have strong scores in all three sections of the CAT exam.

Along with the self-preparation strategy for CAT 2022, you need to take plenty of mock tests. More than 2 lakh candidates register for CAT. During last 2 years, number of CAT aspirants has increased by more than 10%. Out of them around 1 lakh candidates rely on their self-preparation and seek the need based help of coaching centers to refresh and assess their preparation level. You would need some skills to crack CAT 2022 and score a 100 percentile and here are the Top 10.

  1. Knowledge:
    It sounds simple, but you’d be amazed at how many students don’t study all the subjects they’ll encounter in CAT. Either they don’t know what those subjects are, they’ve studied with the wrong practice materials, or they’re crossing their fingers that their particular weaknesses won’t show up on this year’s test. Don’t let this be you!
  2. Mental Math:
    There’s a calculator on-screen. But have you spent any time using on-screen calculators? If you have, you know that they’re clumsy and waste precious seconds. Beyond that, test-takers end up relying on them for math they could do just as quickly in their heads. Spend some time each day building up your mental math skills as you practice. It does take some practice, so start early—but you’ll be amply rewarded with extra time on the exam.
  3. Making arrangements:
    But it’s no good to know a formula if you don’t know how to use it. Write out problems that use those formulas on the flashcards. Even if you’re on the bus or waiting in line and don’t have room to take notes, all the better, it’s a great time for mental math practice!
  4. Building strategies:
    By the time the official exam rolls around, you should have your general CAT strategy all set. How many questions will you attempt based on how accurate you are and what your score goal is.
  5. Endurance:
    Practice in test-like conditions. I know it can be a pain to set aside three hours a week to take practice exams all at once but it’s the only way you’ll get the endurance that you need for test day.
  6. Mathematics:
    Thinking mathematically is one skill that you should be practicing constantly before tackling on test day.
  7. Vocabulary:
    Take a look at CAT Word List to make sure you have the mathematical vocabulary you need to be truly prepared for the exam.
  8. Being Careful:
    Silly mistakes can cost you big points on CAT. Dropping a negative sign. Reading the question wrong. Even answering it correctly, but clicking the wrong answer choice.
  9. Be rapid:
    To get faster, work with sets of 10 practice problems. At first, time yourself, but don’t hold yourself to any particular timeframe. Take note of that time. Then, with each subsequent set, shave a few seconds off of your initial time. Keep going until you hit the same accuracy score then shave a few more seconds off. This process can take a few weeks or even a few months, but it pays off big in the end.
  10. Practice:
    Your drills, your problem sets, your mock exams. Push your accuracy score as high as you can. And when test day comes around, you’ll know that you did everything you could to ensure maximum success on CAT!


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