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Your dedication should speak for itself

Make an investment in your career and life. Everyone notice if you do a regular 10-6 Job. This is a dedication to yourself, not to your employer. No one successful talks about work/life balance in their 20s.

Value quality experience over short term benefits

Growing your salary from ₹5L to ₹7L will have no great effect on your life. Look for a manager who will teach you and mentor you. It’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your career.

Be good with numbers. Leaders focus on narratives and explanations

Know every number to a question that might be asked in a meeting to set yourself apart. You’ll be considered for being 1) analytical and 2) the “information hub.” You’ll gain a reputation as a reliable consultant.

Sell your work. It’s not enough to do great work

Never shy away from taking credit for your work. Make sure people know that you were the one who created an impact. Request that your manager receives recognition from his colleagues and superiors for your contributions. Show your work to others and its impact.

No Professional Life without Politics

Build strong connections with the influential people in the company. No matter if there are from another department or a different project. They are powerful and have their voices heard at the top levels. Being in their good books will help you get promoted because people listen to them. You can do great work, but you need leaders to vouch for you.

Build Useful Skills

For example: Learn Excel. Be awesome in creating presentations. Being great at Excel & Powerpoint is a boon. You can leave an everlasting impression and people will talk highly about your skills and approach again for help.

Learn how to Communicate

There are tons of free courses and content available over the internet to improve your communication skills in both personal and professional aspects. Communicating with clarity and writing effective emails are the least expected of a professional.

Never belittle your boss

Your manager is a senior professional who has ambitions of promotions, pay raise e.t.c.  Never make fun of your manager or do bad mouthing. Always remember when your manager speaks highly about you in different forums it has a greater impact. 


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