What Materials You Should Study to Pass the PMP Exam

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The Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is a globally recognized certification that demonstrates a professional’s competence in project management. Preparing for the exam can be a daunting task given the breadth of knowledge required. This blog “What Materials You Should Study To Pass The PMP Exam” post aims to simplify your journey by highlighting the essential materials you should study to pass the PMP exam with flying colors.

1. PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge)

  • Why It’s Important: This guide, published by PMI, serves as the foundation for the PMP exam. It details the processes, best practices, terminologies, and knowledge areas of project management.
  • Study Tips:

    1. Focus on understanding concepts rather than memorization.
    2. Utilize the free electronic copy available for PMI members.
    3. Relate the theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

2. PMP Exam Prep Books

a. PMP Exam Prep Simplified by Andrew Ramdayal
  • Provides a clear understanding of processes and knowledge areas.
  • Offers chapter-specific questions and answers and a full-length practice exam.
b. PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy
  • Organizes content practically, akin to a real project.
  • Offers a free sample for a preliminary understanding.
c. PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide by Kim Heldman
  • Comprehensive review aligned with the current version of the exam.
  • Hands-on exercises and real-world applications provide context.

3. Practice Exams and Question Banks

  • Why They’re Important: Practice exams simulate the actual PMP exam environment, testing your knowledge under timed conditions. They also help identify weak areas that need further study.
  • Study Tips:
     Take multiple practice exams throughout your preparation.
     Review your mistakes and understand the reasoning behind   correct answers.

4. Supplemental Study Guides

a. Head First PMP by Jennifer Greene & Andrew Stellman
  • Especially beneficial for visual learners.
  • Uses a unique visual format, making complex concepts easier to grasp
b. Effective Project Management by Robert K. Wysocki
  • Covers both agile and traditional project management approaches.
  • Provides case studies and exercises for practical understanding.

5. Online Forums and Study Groups

  • Why They’re Important: Engaging with fellow PMP aspirants can provide diverse perspectives, clarify doubts, and share resources.
  • Study Tips:
    Join forums like PMI’s or Reddit’s r/PMP.
    Consider local PMI chapter study groups or form your own.

6. Flashcards and Mobile Apps

  • Why They’re Important: They’re handy tools for quick revision, especially for memorizing terms and formulas.
  • Study Tips:
    Use apps like PMP Exam Mentor or PMP Flashcards.
    Create your flashcards for a personalized touch.

Comparison of the popular PMP books

Book TitleAuthorProsCons
PMBOK Guide– Primary reference material
– Detailed and comprehensive
– Published by the official governing body
Germany– Might be dense for some readers
– Requires additional resources for holistic prep
The PMP Exam by Andy CroweAndy Crowe– Easy and refreshing manner
– Structured similar to PMBOK
– Chapter-end questions might be too easy
PMP Exam Study GuideKim Heldman– Thorough understanding of PM concepts
– Practical case studies included
– Too verbose with long paragraphs
PMP Exam Prep SimplifiedAndrew Ramdayal– Focuses on the exam
– Easy to understand
– Incomplete coverage of PMBOK
Head First PMP Study GuideJennifer Greene & Andrew Stellman– Visual learning focused
– Engaging exercises
– Doesn’t cover PMBOK comprehensively
PMP Exam Prep by Rita MulcahyRita Mulcahy– Intense focus on exam passing strategies
– Tough chapter-end questions
– Might not align perfectly with PMBOK


Conclusion : What Materials You Should Study To Pass The PMP Exam

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