San Francisco Business School PMP Renewal PDU Program: An In-depth Review

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Navigating through the myriad of options available for PMP renewal can be an overwhelming task. In this review, we delve into the San Francisco Business School PMP Renewal PDU Program offered by the San Francisco Business School (SFBS). Join us as we explore the nitty-gritty of sanfranciscobs’ offerings, their plans, and how they measure up to expectations.

About San Francisco Business School

San Francisco Business School has carved a niche for itself in the world of professional training and development. With a plethora of online and self-paced programs, SFBS enables professionals from various disciplines to upskill and enhance their career trajectories. Focused on providing a holistic approach to education, the school utilizes a blend of practical and theoretical frameworks that are pegged on real-world scenarios.

San Francisco Business School Plans

SFBS proffers a varied range of plans aimed at catering to diverse professional needs. Their 60 PMP PDU Training Program is specifically crafted to assist PMP certificate holders in navigating their renewal cycle seamlessly. With a balanced mix of education and giving back PDUs, the program not only adheres to PMI’s Talent Triangle but also assures a substantive enhancement of one’s project management acumen.
Key Features:
  • Comprehensive coursework covering Ways of Working, Power Skills, and Business Acumen.
  • Access to downloadable resources, video lectures, and interactive sessions.
  • 100% online and self-paced, enabling professionals to learn at their convenience.
here’s a tabular representation of the provided course plans
NoCourse NameDescriptionNo. of CoursesPDUsPriceDuration
145 PMI® PDU Training ProgramComplete three self-paced online courses and earn 45 PDUs345$197/year1 Year
230 PMP® PDU Online ProgramComplete two self-paced online courses and earn 30 PDUs230$147/year1 Year
3Free PMP® PDU Training ProgramComplete three self-paced online courses and earn 3 PDUs33FREE
460 PMP® PDU Training ProgramComplete three self-paced online courses and earn 60 PDUs360$247/year1 Year
515 CAPM® PDU Online ProgramComplete one self-paced online course and earn 15 PDUs115$97/year1 Year
615 PMI® PDU Online ProgramComplete one self-paced online course and earn 15 PDUs115$97/year1 Year


Positives and Negatives of San Francisco Business School

  • Flexible Learning: SFBS ensures that working professionals can learn at their own pace by providing all courses online.
  • Comprehensive Course Materials: From handouts to case studies, participants have a wealth of resources at their fingertips.
  • Recognition: Certificates from SFBS are widely recognized and can enhance a professional’s portfolio significantly.
Cost-Prohibitive for Some:
  • Expensive Programs: The pricing of PDU programs, especially specialized ones, are steep and may not be accessible to all prospective students without financial aid or discounts. There may be additional costs for materials, examinations, or certification which are not included in the initial program pricing.
Platform and Technology Constraints:
  • Technology Issues: Users might face technical issues with the online platform which could impede their learning process.
  • Platform Navigation: New users or those less technologically savvy might find it difficult to navigate through the e-learning platform.
Quality and Relevance of Content:
  • Outdated Material: There’s always a risk that some materials, especially in the rapidly evolving field of project management, might become outdated.
  • Relevance: Some participants might find certain sections of the course less relevant to their specific industry or domain.
Customer Service and Support:
  • Response Times: There might be delays in response times from the support team, particularly during peak enrollment periods.
  • Resolution of Queries: Some students might find the resolution to their problems or queries unsatisfactory or not timely.
  • Accreditation and Recognition: Variable Recognition: While SFBS is recognized in various circles, It’s not an ATP and hence not recognized by PMI.

San Francisco Business School vs Gururo Plan

While SFBS brings to the table a rich array of features and robust coursework, it’s prudent to consider alternatives such as the Gururo Plan for a well-rounded decision.
FeatureGururoSFBS 60 PDU Plans
Target AudiencePMPs, PgMPs, PMI-ACP, and PMI-PBA certification holdersPMPs and PgMPs
Discounted Price$99.12 for 60 PDUs$247 for 60 PDUs
Cost per PDU$1.6$4.3 (Approx. 3 times of Gururo)
Payment TypeOne Time Payment – No Hidden FeesAnnual Subscription
Course TypeOnline Video CoursesOnline Video Courses
Course SelectionUnlimited access to any courses aggregating upto 60 PDUs3 pre-selected courses (Video)
PMI ApprovalYesYes
Access Duration1 year1 year
Support24/7 support via Phone, Chat, Email and Ticketing systemLimited support
Passing an exam required?No, There are no tests or examsYes
PDU bundlesMultiple PDU bundles – 5/15/30/35/45/52/60 PDUsYes30/45/60 PDU bundles

Discount Code for San Francisco Business School

To foster affordability and extend a helping hand to aspiring professionals, SFBS occasionally rolls out discount codes and offers on their programs.

Conclusion : San Francisco Business School PMP Renewal PDU Program

SFBS, with its wide-ranging programs and a focus on real-world application, stands out as a viable option for PMP professionals seeking renewal. However, it’s crucial to weigh the positives and negatives and consider personal preferences and learning styles before making an investment.


Absolutely, SFBS has crafted its program to cater to the needs of PMP professionals across various domains and experience levels

Keep an eye on the official website and subscribe to their newsletter to stay abreast of the latest offers and discount codes from SFBS.

Yes, SFBS offers a variety of programs, including an online MBA and various certificate programs in different domains.

The program is 100% online and self-paced, allowing learners to access the material anytime, anywhere

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