Importance of Career counseling in one’s life do you know. Choosing a career often leaves a student perplexed especially after the completion of 12th grade. It is essential to always select the right career option keeping your skills and interest in mind. Apart from this, selecting the right educational institution is equally important. Many students tend to feel lost in the process, as options are several and they do not have as much knowledge as required. Hence, the role of a career counselor comes in place.

The counselor is not only experienced and qualified but is also well trained to identify your potential and aptitude and suggest the right course. In this article, we are going to further analyze why a career counselor is important and how well he can help you in taking one of the most important decisions of your life.

A career counselor is a sound listener and will keenly listen to your ideas, thoughts, and concerns about your career choices. Based on these, they help you sort and organize your own ideas and thoughts. A counselor not only helps you assess your interests and abilities but at the same time, also helps you determine the next course of action.

After being a keen listener to your ideas and thoughts, a career counselor also shares various educational and occupational information on your field of interest in order to make you more familiar. They also provide you with information such as working conditions, market conditions, trends, earnings, salary, and so on. In case you’re looking out for an educational institution, several ideal options are provided to you along with the college requirements.

A career counselor never tells you what to do or which course to pursue. All he does is help you sort out your own thought process by giving it a certain direction. Hence, this helps you clarify your thoughts and develop your decision-making skills. As a result, you are now able to set more realistic and achievable goals.

In cases of job search, a counselor helps you in numerous ways. He starts right from scratch i.e., helps you formulate your resume, put together a career portfolio, conducts mock interviews, and teaches you certain techniques of interviews, along with helping you in your job/internship search.

Be it the decision on which career field to choose post 12 std or which job to pick post-graduation, a career counselor is always there to help you make the right decision and help you help yourself. Seek out one in case you’re confused as a career is one of the most important decisions you make in your life.