How to Talk in an Interview | Learn Tricks

How to Talk in an Interview | Learn Tricks



How to Talk in an Interview: Talking “WHAT” is very crucial in interviews especially if you are nervous or shy nature persOn or do not know the answer to Interview questions.

Interviews are stressful situations, and that stress can impact how well you communicate. You don’t think things through entirely. You don’t always make complete sentences. You laugh at really inappropriate times.  You get lost in tangents so far removed from the topic you can’t even remember what the topic is. And sometimes you just drop all your cards on the table in a show of desperation.

Preparing to talk isn’t about filling uptime, it’s about prioritizing what they need to know about you. Flip the problem around and imagine you are hiring someone; what would you want to know about them?

Assess yourself for transferable skills. A transferable skill is anything you can do that is not specific to a particular role. Examples include commercial awareness or teamwork.

Before you walk into an interview, take some time to research the company and the job itself, and think about the sort of skills they’re likely to value most. Chatting away about your online blog is great if you’re going for a copy-writing role, but not so impressive if you’re trying to become an accountant.

Avoid empty clichés. Be prepared to back up your claims about your skills or characteristics with relevant and specific stories. Good developer tales are conversation-based. It’s about transferring knowledge from me to you that you might find interesting or useful in your own work. Conversations tend to die when there are no more holes to plug, so preventing that is extremely important. While broad insights sound intriguing and might make you sound really intelligent, it’s important to remember the goal that we should be encouraging the interviewer to ask us more questions at every step along the way. The best way to do this is to be specific.

Remember that until you make a good impression, you want the job more than the interviewer wants you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to prove that you really are as talented as you’re claiming and that those talents are exactly what they need in their new hire.

If it’s not obvious yet, force the interview to be a conversation. The reality is that you don’t actually know what your interviewer is going to find interesting in the materials you gave them or anything you might say, and I can’t tell you either. Do your best to make them excited about something you have done, and if they don’t bite, turn it around and ask them what they would like you to talk about.

Interest in the company hiring you is directly proportional to the interest the interviewers have in what you say. Telling stories is a very compelling way to build an interesting conversation with people you’ve just met. Hopefully, you’ll find this recipe an effective way to practice telling stories and get a better response from your interview experiences.


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