Interview First Impression Tips to Crack Interviews

Interview First Impression Tips to Crack Interviews


Interview First Impression Tips you must know in order to Crack Interviews with confidence and best results.   It is a known fact that employers decide whether you’re suitable for the job or not within the first 2 minutes they lay their eyes on you. Hence the most important aspect of a job interview is not the first question, but your first notice. Keep these few important things in mind and you’re good to go.
  • Never arrive too early from the time mentioned. Although you feel this would set a good impression, it’s highly likely it would, and here’s why. Your hiring managers are usually overstressed and overworked. They’re notified of your arrival and now they feel more pressured to finish their work in order to meet you. Your manager and the receptionist are now in a jiffy as to what to do with you. Thus, be punctual or arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the time given and never before that.
  • During the wait or the interview process, you’re probably going to be offered water. Do make sure to revert with a thank you as this reveals your polite nature. If you fail here, you’ve failed the interview right there. Politeness is every company’s core value and you are expected to display them right from the start.
  • In an interview, your major concentration is to talk about your previous work experience. However, the focus shouldn’t be on how much you’ve worked, but how much you were able to problem solve in the previous company. Make sure to cite these examples along with interconnecting them on how you would be able to do the same here as well.
  • The interviewer is probably going to establish small talk with you on matters like how’s the weather or if you found it difficult to locate them. Although these may seem irrelevant, it’s not. If it was indeed a hot humid day and you had to navigate around an unfamiliar campus, you’re obviously not going to be too happy about it. But if you whine about the same to your employer, you’re giving out an impression of how you’re going to be whining about every small issue once the work starts.
  • Finally, your dressing does act as a deciding factor. Every office has its own set of unwritten rules and no two offices are the same. It is essential for you to understand the dress code of the organization prior to proceeding with the interview step.
While these tips definitely do not guarantee you getting the job, it surely is getting you one step closer to achieving it. Face the interview with confidence and this is your key to grabbing that dream job!


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