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The ever-evolving world of digital freelancing platforms has seen a plethora of services on offer, and Fiverr is no exception. One of the new service trends includes PMP renewal services. But, are these services truly worthwhile or merely traps for the unsuspecting? Let’s dive into it into Fiverr PMP Renewal programs

About Fiverr

Fiverr is an online platform connecting freelancers to customers across a multitude of service categories. From graphic design to, interestingly, “Fiverr pmp renewal requirements,” the platform presents a vast array of offerings.

Fiverr PMP Renewal Gigs

Lately, several sellers have been offering services on “Fiverr pmp renewal online,” essentially claiming to help individuals acquire the necessary PDUs for PMP renewal. Notably, these sellers are not recognized by PMI, and they typically provide information on PDU acquisition rather than authentic PMI-recognized training.
  • Feras Shehadeh: Offers two services. Earning 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) for PMI PMP certification renewal, priced from $20. Earning 30 PDUs for ACP, RMP, SP certificate renewal, priced from $15.
  • Shweta A: Offers help in earning 60 PDUs for PMP certification renewal, priced from $10.
  • Elite Minds: Assists with earning PDUs for PMP and any PMI certification renewal, priced from $15.
  • Tooba Mirza: Provides a service to log PDUs for several PMI certificates like PMP, PgMP, PfMP, RMP, ACP, and SP, priced from $20.
  • Kumar B: Offers a service to renew various professional certificates, priced from $25.
  • Shaikh Adeel: Provides assistance to arrange and fulfill PDU requirements for renewing PMP certification, priced from $10.

Positives and Negatives of Fiverr

  • Convenience: Quick and easy access to PDU information.
  • Cost-effective: With services like “Fiverr pmp renewal cost” and others, there’s often a range of prices, potentially lower than formal training programs.
  • Variety: With terms like “24 Best pmp Services To Buy Online” and “24 Best Pmi Services To Buy Online,” there’s no shortage of sellers.
  • Lack of PMI Recognition: The most glaring drawback is the non-recognition by PMI (Project Management Institute) for many Fiverr gigs offering PDU services. PDUs that aren’t recognized can lead to complications, especially when it’s time to report them to PMI.
  • Risk of PMP Cancellation or Suspension: PMI conducts audits, and if during such an audit, it’s discovered that one has obtained PDUs from non-recognized or dubious sources, it can lead to suspension or even cancellation of the PMP certification.
  • Potential for Misinformation: Not every seller on Fiverr is necessarily up-to-date with the latest in PMI requirements or the PMP renewal process. Utilizing outdated or incorrect information could jeopardize one’s certification or renewal process.
  • Multiple Sources Leading to Fragmentation: Instead of a cohesive, streamlined learning experience from a single trusted source, users often have to juggle multiple resources provided by sellers to accumulate their PDUs. This can lead to a disjointed learning experience, where the content may vary in quality, depth, and relevance. It becomes the responsibility of the user to sift through, curate, and ensure they’re gaining value from these diverse sources. The fragmentation can be time-consuming, confusing, and often frustrating, making the renewal process more cumbersome than it needs to be.
  • Quality Assurance Issues: Fiverr’s marketplace comprises a vast range of sellers with varying levels of expertise. While some might provide value, others may not meet the required standards or expectations, leading to potential waste of time and resources.
  • No Formal Course Structure: Many gigs may not offer a structured learning path, but rather, they might provide a list or compilation of resources. This lack of structure can make the learning experience fragmented and less effective.
  • Over-dependence on Reviews: While Fiverr provides a review system for each gig, not all reviews are a reliable gauge of quality. Some could be inflated, or at times, not reflective of the broader audience’s experience.
  • Ethical Concerns: Acquiring PDUs through shortcuts or means that aren’t entirely above board raises ethical concerns. It could undermine the integrity of one’s credentials and cast a shadow over their professional reputation.
  • Lack of Personalized Support: Unlike formal training programs where attendees might have access to trainers or mentors for personalized guidance, many Fiverr gigs might not offer the same level of support, making the PDU acquisition process more challenging.
  • No Guarantees or Warranties: If a gig doesn’t deliver as promised or if the PDUs aren’t accepted by PMI, there’s no formal recourse for getting one’s money back or ensuring the seller rectifies the situation.
  • Potential Hidden Costs: While some gigs might appear cost-effective initially, there could be hidden costs associated, like additional charges for extra resources, expedited services, or even further guidance.

Fiverr vs Gururo Plan

  • Price: Gururo’s plans are competitively priced, starting as low as $19.99. This price point offers a good balance between affordability and quality.
  • PMI Approved Genuine PDUs: Unlike some options on Fiverr, Gururo provides PMI-approved PDUs. This means that professionals can trust the authenticity and recognition of the PDUs they acquire from Gururo, eliminating the risk of PMI rejecting their PDUs during an audit.
  • Consistency and Cohesion: With Gururo, there’s no need to juggle multiple resources or vet the validity of each course or training. Everything is housed under one platform, ensuring a more streamlined and cohesive learning experience. Reputability and Trust: Given that Gururo specifically offers PMI-approved PDUs, it inherently carries a higher trust factor for professionals looking to renew their PMP certification.
Fiverr: As previously discussed, Fiverr has several drawbacks:
  • Lack of PMI recognition for many gigs.
  • Risk of PMP certification suspension or cancellation.
  • Potential misinformation or outdated information.
  • Quality assurance issues given the vast range of sellers.
  • No formal course structure.
  • Ethical concerns regarding the acquisition of PDUs.
  • Multiple sources leading to fragmented learning.
When comparing Fiverr to Gururo, the difference in quality, trustworthiness, and overall experience is clear. While Fiverr may offer various options, the risk associated with its services concerning PMP renewal is significant. In contrast, Gururo’s offering of PMI-approved PDUs at an affordable price ensures a safer, more streamlined, and reliable renewal process. Many of the negatives associated with Fiverr, such as lack of recognition by PMI, the risk of misinformation, and the fragmentation of learning, are non-existent in Gururo’s platform, making it a more favorable choice for PMP professionals.

Discount Code for Fiverr

At present, there isn’t a universal discount code available. However, occasionally, sellers may offer discounts on their individual gigs.

Conclusion : Fiverr PMP Renewal

While Fiverr presents an enticing option for PMP renewal with its cost-effectiveness and variety, the potential risks involved cannot be overlooked. Always ensure that your PDU sources are authentic and recognized by PMI to avoid complications in the future.


No, many of the gigs on Fiverr only provide information, not authentic PMI-recognized training.
Yes, if audited and found to have acquired PDUs from non-recognized sources, your PMP certification might be at risk.
Look for terms like “Fiverr project manager” or “I will help you with everything you need for pmp certification” but always verify the authenticity of the service provider.

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