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If you are a project management professional and need to renew your PMP certification, you may be interested in online learning options that provide Professional Development Units (PDUs). PDUs are a required component of the PMP renewal process, and they demonstrate your ongoing commitment to professional development in project management.

One online learning option for PDUs is PDUnow, an e-learning company that provides PDU earning courses and is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP). This PDUnow review will closely examine the organization and the courses they offer.

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About PDUnow

PDUnow is an online learning organization that offers courses related to PDUs, which are required for PMP renewal. They are registered with the name NetCBT, Inc., dba, and are a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP). PDUnow provides video training courses and online PDF courses earn PMI PDUs.

PDUnow also offers a variety of plans, including 60 PDU PDF Basic, 60 PDU PDF Select, 60 PDU Video Basic, and 60 PDU Video Select. Each plan offers a different combination of pre-selected courses or the ability to select any online course from over 57 courses that provide over 400 PDUs or over 70 courses that provide over 500 PDUs.

PDUnow Plans

PDUnow provides multiple 60 PDU plans. Here is a comparison of the available plans.

Plan Name Price Course Type Course Selection
60 PDU PDF Basic
Online PDF Courses
10 Pre-Selected Online Courses
60 PDU PDF Select
Online PDF Courses
Select Any Online PDF Course From over 57 courses that provide over 400 PDUs
60 PDU Video Basic
Online Video Courses
10 Pre-selected Online Video Courses
60 PDU Video Select
Online Video Courses
Select Any Online Video Course, Video Short Course or Recorded Webinar Course from over 70 Courses that provide over 500 PDUs

Positives and Negatives of PDUnow

Like any organization, PDUnow has both positives and negatives worth considering.


  1. Offers many flexible plans: PDUnow offers multiple plans for PDU courses, providing learners flexibility. The plans are designed to cater to different learning needs and budget requirements. Learners can choose a plan that best suits their requirements and convenience.
  2. All courses are PMI approved: PDUnow is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP). All courses offered by PDUnow are approved by PMI, meaning learners can be assured of the quality of the courses.
  3. All courses are online: PDUnow offers all courses online, meaning learners can access the courses from anywhere, anytime. This provides flexibility and convenience to learners with other commitments or who cannot attend traditional classroom sessions.


  1. Passing an Exam Required: To earn PDUs from a course, you must pass an exam after completing the course. While this may be a positive for some learners who want to ensure their understanding of the material, it can be a negative for those who do not perform well on exams or want to avoid the added stress of taking an exam.
  2. High Cost: PDUnow’s courses can be expensive, especially compared to other online learning platforms. While they offer various plans and discounts, the cost may still be prohibitive for some learners.
  3. Limited Support Hours: PDUnow’s weekday customer support hours are from 9 am to 5 pm EST. If you encounter any issues outside those hours, you must wait until the next business day for assistance. This can frustrate learners who need help immediately or live in a different time zone.

PDUnow vs Gururo Plan

Feature Gururo PDUNow 60 PDU

Target Audience


PMPs and PgMPs

Discounted Price

$239.99 for 60 PDUs

Cost per PDU



Payment Type

One Time Payment - No Hidden Fees

One Time Payment - No Hidden Fees

Course Type

Online Video Courses

Online PDF and Video Courses

Course Selection

Unlimited access to any courses aggregating upto 60 PDUs

10 pre-selected or select courses (PDF) or (Video)

PMI Approval



Access Duration

1 year

1 year


24/7 support via Phone, Chat, Email and Ticketing system

Limited support

Passing an exam required?

No, There are no tests or exams


PDU bundles

20/35/45/52/60 PDU bundles

Discount Code for PDUnow

If you want to try PDUnow, they offer a discount code that provides $10 off any PDU plan. To use the discount code, select any PDU plan, click the “Add to Cart” button, and enter the discount code (3YR3C7F8) on the checkout page.

Conclusion : PDUnow Review

PDUnow is a legitimate and reputable online learning organization for individuals seeking to earn PDUs for PMP renewal. They offer a variety of plans that provide flexibility and a variety of options for earning PDUs. However, it is important to consider the cost and the limited support hours when deciding if PDUnow is the right option for you.

If you are interested in PDUnow, check out their website for more information on their courses and to see if they fit your professional development needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Documents do I need to submit for PMP Audit?

What to Expect If your PMP certification application is selected for an audit, you’ll need to submit certain key documents to PMI through postal mail. These documents help PMI verify your experience and Education as outlined in your application. See the comprehensive list of documents required for the PMP Audit for more information.

When is the deadline to submit the required documents for PMP Audit?

You have 90 days to submit the requested documents for the PMP audit.

How long do I have to complete the PMP Audit?

PMI gives you 90 days to submit the documents for the PMP Audit.

How long does the PMP Audit processing take?

The processing time for the PMP Audit mainly depends on how quickly you send the required information to PMI and the shipping time of your audit package. Once PMI receives your documents, they usually take five business days to complete the audit. Therefore, the overall processing time also depends on how promptly you end the audit package and the shipping time for the package (to PMI). You can expedite the process by using a reliable courier service.

Can PMP Application Audits be avoided?

No, they cannot be avoided. However, you can prepare by following best practices to ensure a smooth audit process in case your application is selected.

What percentage of PMP Applications get audited?

PMI does not disclose the exact number or basis of audited applications. Based on training institutes’ estimations, roughly 10% of applications may get audited. However, the number may be lower based on personal experiences.

How will I know if my PMP Application has been selected for an Audit?

You will know if your application is selected for an audit before paying the PMP exam fee after applying.

Does PMI extend the 1-year eligibility window if my PMP Application is selected for an Audit?

The 1-year eligibility clock starts after the audit is complete.

What does the Experience Verification Form look like for PMP Audit?

PMI provides a link to download the latest form version from their website if your application is selected for an audit. You need to submit one form per project listed in your PMP application.

What to do if the supervising manager listed on my PMP application is unavailable?

A colleague from the same project or a current manager/supervisor with knowledge of the project can sign your experience verification form.

What happens if I fail the PMP Application Audit?

Your application will be canceled if you don’t meet the PMP Audit requirements. PMI reserves the right to audit candidates, even after they’ve achieved PMP credentials. You won’t receive a refund if you fail the audit after becoming PMP certified.

How soon can I reapply for the PMP Exam if I fail the audit?

You can reapply after a one-year suspension period.

What happens if I submit incomplete documents to PMI?

Submitting incomplete documents is automatically considered a failed audit.

Where can I find more information about the PMP Application Audit process?

PMI has a list of over 30 FAQs about the audit process on their Certification FAQs page (scroll down to the “Audit” section).

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