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One of the most important aspects that a lot of professionals ignore is having the right profile on

Naukri is the topmost job portal in India and having the right profile will increase your chances immensely

Here are significant points to be kept in mind while creating or modifying your Naukri profile.

Recruiter View

This snippet is the brief view which a recruiter gets when they manually see the list of people who have applied.

Important Aspects

  • Star Rating
  • Resume Headline
  • Contact Details
  • Key Skills
Recruiter View of Naukri resume

Star Rating is a crucial aspect to get your profile shortlisted. By default, only 4 and 5-star profiles are visible to the recruiters.

Your Resume Headline needs to reflect your experience to catch the attention of a recruiter. The more precise it is, the more chances of it getting noticed by recruiters.

Make sure you provide an alternate mobile number & email-id also in Contact Details. Make sure your details are verified by Naukri.

The key skills you enter in your Naukri Profile need to reflect your professional strengths.  For eg:- the above snippet shown of a Sr. Delivery Manager has core key skills as technical, which is the wrong way of doing it.

Make sure all the fields are filled with the relevant details.

Comprehensive View

business woman

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing a recruiter notices when they click on your profile. According to a reputed website, recruiters spend nearly 19% of their time on your online profile looking at your display picture. 

Please make sure you have a professional and clear photograph as your profile picture

Candidate Information

It displays the same information which is shown in the snippet view of the profile.

So do ensure you are not leaving any of these fields emplty.


Keep it relevant and precise. Don’t add too much information or too little.

Keep it in a list format and use bullet points for better readability

linkedin profile image

Mention your LinkedIn Account

When a recruiter/hiring manager looks at your profile, they form an opinion based on your summary, specialties, a number of connections, and last but not the least, your recommendations. Moreover, make it a point to fill the ‘interested in’ box by mentioning ‘career opportunities in order to complete your profile.

You can download the guide to improve your LinkedIn profile from HERE

‘Keywords’- Don’t miss out on them

Keywords are terms you mention in your online profile that are either related to the professional skills you possess or your area of expertise.

They serve as the basic criterion for your profile to get shortlisted. Many recruiters search for online profiles on various search engines, which rank some profiles over the others on the basis of the keywords mentioned in them. This process known as search engine optimization may serve as a significant factor in getting your profile shortlisted for an interview.

Last but not least if you are looking very actively for Job, make sure you update your profile daily and submit.

Profile Review & Recommendation

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