Impact of the New PMI Talent Triangle on PMP Renewal

Impact of the new PMI Talent Triangle on PMP Renewal



PMI has updated the talent triangle. In this article, we will provide an understanding of the new triangle and see Impact of the new PMI Talent Triangle on PMP Renewal

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Why PMI is changing the PMI Talent Triangle?

To stay up with the times and make a difference, project managers must be more agile and creative than ever before.

PMI has long been dedicated to helping project managers acquire a strong set of abilities, but today’s project managers require a skill set that includes a variety of disciplines and practices, as well as other in-demand talents.

PMI modified the sides of the PMI Talent Triangle to now focus on helping project professionals navigate this changing world of work and embrace smarter methods of working.

What are the new categories and their significance?

As project managers prepare for a future that is approaching quicker than ever, PMI sees the value of combining project management’s basic insights with these three skill areas.

Ways of Working: Knowledge, skills, and behaviors related to specific domains of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. There are several ways to perform work today, whether it’s predictive, agile, design thinking, or new approaches that have yet to be invented. That’s why PMI urges professionals to learn as many different methods of working as possible, so they can use the correct approach at the right moment to produce successful outcomes. 

Power Skills: Knowledge, skills and behaviours specific to leadership-oriented, cross-cutting skills that help an organization achieve its business goals. Interpersonal skills include collaboration, communication, a creative attitude, for-purpose orientation, and empathy. Having these talents helps teams to maintain influence with a wide range of stakeholders, which is essential for transformation.

Business Acumen: Knowledge of and expertise in the industry or organization that enhances performance and better delivers business outcomes. Professionals with business acumen are aware of the macro and micro factors at work in their organizations and industries, as well as the function-specific or domain-specific knowledge required to make sound judgments. Professionals at all levels must be able to make sound decisions and understand how their initiatives fit into the larger picture of the organization’s overall strategy and global trends.


How are the new categories mapped with Existing One's?

  • Ways of Working: formerly Technical Project Management
  • Power Skills: formerly Leadership 
  • Business Acumen: formerly Strategic and Business Management 
Talent-Triangle-Mapping-ways of Working
Talent-Triangle-Mapping-Power Skills
Talent-Triangle-Mapping-Business Acumen

When is PMI changing the PMI Talent Triangle?

Changes to the Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS), Course Catalog, and the Authorized Training Partner Education Provider Portal will be completed in phases throughout 2022.
PMI is updating all the shareholders with this news release.

Does the new PMI Talent Triangle have an impact on the Give Back PDUs?

The Education PDUs that PMI certification holders can earn are aligned with the new PMI Talent Triangle. It will have no effect on the PDUs for Giving Back. You can still earn PDUs for activities that give back to the profession, such as learning new project management skills, volunteering, and working as a project management professional. Volunteering should demonstrate how you apply practitioner knowledge and skills (i.e., planning the project for a charity).

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I am a PMI certified professional. What effect will this change have on me? Will any of my PDUs be lost? Will the number of PDUs required for each of the new categories change?

You are not compelled to take any action. Changes to certification holders’ PDU records will be visible in their myPMI accounts soon. This will have no effect on how many PDUs you have earned or how many you need to acquire in each category; it will just change the names of the categories. PDUs will not be lost, and the PDU requirements will not change.

  • PDUs in the Technical Project Management category be replaced with “Ways of Working.”
  • PDUs in the Strategic and Business Management category will be replaced with “Business Acumen.”
  • PDUs in the Leadership category will be replaced with “Power Skills.”

In the future, when looking for PDU possibilities, you’ll see the PDU category names (Ways of Working, Business Acumen, and Power Skills) stated. There’s no need to be concerned if you’re still seeing the old PDU category names. Those PDUs will still be available to you.

I am pursuing a PMI certification. How does this change impact me?

Individuals working toward a PMI certification are unaffected by this change. The PDU requirements for any certification remain the same once you pass your exam. The only difference will be the PDU opportunity’s category name.

  • PDUs in the Technical Project Management category be replaced with “Ways of Working.”
  • PDUs in the Strategic and Business Management category will be replaced with “Business Acumen.”
  • PDUs in the Leadership category will be replaced with “Power Skills.”

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