Hack Your Personal Growth by 10x

Hack Your Personal Growth by 10X



Here are the 2 Questions which prompt you to hack your Personal Growth by 10X. This analysis has been done for over 1000 days and writing numerous journals to measure growth.

1. What's the biggest bottleneck to my personal growth (and why aren't I working on it?)

Skills, character traits, and beliefs – at any moment, one of these three are limiting your growth.

This prompt aims to help you confront the inconvenient truth (instead of soaking in the comforting lie). Do you lack skills like coding, management, sales, copywriting, email marketing, or knowing how to hire? Are you lacking character traits – like consistency, self-awareness, the drive to learn, or the ability to focus? Or are you held back by self-limiting beliefs – like the size of your market or whether you’re “qualified” enough to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish?

Confronting the brutal truth of your situation is the easiest way to 10x your growth – and these questions help you get there.

2. If I repeated every action I took today, every day for a year, where would I end up (and is that the place I want to be?)

All successful outcomes in life come from compounding.

By projecting your daily actions forward over a long period, you can launch your success. If that place isn’t where you want to end up, you know something needs to change (and question #1 will help you find those). 

You can also use this prompt in reverse. Identify the person you want to become, and then identify the daily actions it will take to get there. Then, start doing them – and watch as you slowly and steadily become that type of person.


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