why aim for the program manager Job in the product-based company ?

why aim for Program Manager


Program Management openings has been growing exponentially over previous years, with more than 200% additional requirements year on year. Program Managers play a critical role in organisation success whether it’s a service based company or a product based company. You can find a comparison between Program Manager Role In Service Based Vs Product Based Company here In this article, We will explore why you should aim for Program Manager role in Product based companies.


One of the foremost reason why anyone works is for Money. Below is the chart which will help you understand the salary differences at various experience levels between Program Managers working in service and product based companies.
Program Manager salary in product and service based industry

At any point of time, Program Managers working in Product companies makes 2X or more in salary and benefits than there service based companies counterparts.

Click here for detailed Program Manager salary article.


Product based companies offers various perks for Program Managers like increased number of leaves, higher insurance amount on lesser premium, education and certification programmes, grand events, Free Food and cafeteria access and much more.
Salary Hikes

Product based companies not only offers better salary at the time of joining but they do provide double digit hikes as well. This is to keep the employees motivated and reduce attrition. Most of the service based organisations have single digit hikes for Program Managers.
Office Timings

Though remote working due to Covid has changed the way we work and our schedule but Program Managers in Product based companies enjoy flexible working hours whereas in service based organisations it’s mostly fixed and also depends on the geographic location of the client.
Healthy Competition

Because such a place is brimming with exceptional talent, there is always a desire to improve. A healthy competition to learn more and deliver better answers is constantly present.
Work culture

Product-based organisations have a highly healthy work culture and environment for Program Managers. There are no constraints on working hours and work time is flexible. The organisation can give a variety of locations where employees might feel more at ease while at work, as well as indoor games to stimulate the mind. In both professional and personal life, there is a tremendous deal of balance.
Learning Graph

In a product-based company, there are several opportunities to learn new skills and work on a variety of projects. The learning graph will be significantly superior to that of a service-based business.


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