Top Ten Deadly Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Top Ten Deadly Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid



Every candidate wants to make the best impression when they are interviewing for a job. Interviewers judge a candidate on various parameters like dress sense, punctuality, body language, etc. but it can be easy to mess up. Here is a list and make sure none of the Interview Mistakes happens to you if you want to move ahead in the hiring process.

  • Arriving Late: Make sure you arrive at the interview on time. Arriving late suggests poor time management and gives the interviewer a negative impression.
  • Leaving your phone on: Do not allow your cell phone to ring during an interview. A ringing phone is not appropriate for an interview and answering a call will send a clear message to the interviewer that getting a job is not your top priority.
  • Not taking the interview seriously: Do not treat the interview casually, as if you are doing the interview for practice. This is an insult to the interviewer.
  • Being too familiar or jokey: This can reduce your chance of getting a job. Light humor can create a good ambiance but too much will definitely hamper your chances.
  • Dressing down: Dress according to the type of job you are being considered. Casual clothing may be the norm of many organizations but it does not mean you will go for a job interview in casual attire.
  • Becoming Aggressive: Some candidates show aggression to the receptionist and think they are doing the company a favor by being interviewed. Beware, companies take into account how candidates engage with all people they meet.
  • Badmouthing about your previous employer: Even if you hated your previous employer do not mention it in your job interview. A job interview is not a place to talk about it. Do not say negatively about your previous employer. This will not get you a job.
  • Lying about your skills and achievements: Even a small exaggeration on your resume can cost you a job. So, refrain yourselves from lying about your skills in a job interview.
  • Not doing homework: Do not ever go to a job interview knowing nothing about the position, employer, or the industry you applied for.
  • Talking about salary too soon: Do not ask about salary and benefits until the subject is brought up by the interviewer.


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