Senior Project Manager Interview Case Study in Soroco

Project Manager case study soroco



Standard Chartered Bank has employed your company as a technology partner and set out a charter for its automation program knows as TAP. The objective is to automate the manual work and re-purpose the employees currently involved in these works to job where they can add greater value to the organizations.
By the end of this automation program, system will replace 75% of the FTE’s involved in back office work.
Standard Chartered Bank will be able to use the current legacy system, without investing in adopting any new system.

As an SPM or Delivery Manager, you have to come up with the below deliverables

  • Executive Summary
  • Project Plan
  • RAID
  • WBS
  • Revenue Planner
  • Write a mail handling escalation by Customer on getting procurement request without any heads-up of 2 laptops and VPN

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Sonia Rai

Sonia Rai

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