Program Manager Interview Case Study in McAfee

Program Manager Interview Case Study in McAfee



Your organization has a working product that has been adopted by millions of users worldwide. As part of a commitment to safeguarding user data and bolstering security measures, a new policy has been introduced. The proposed solution involves transitioning from the conventional username and password login approach to an OTP-based model.

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As a Program Manager, you have to come up with the following deliverables –

  • Identify all the Stakeholders in this Change
  • How will you plan implementation with minimum impact and no blocker in the business?
  • Prepare a high-level plan with all the respective sub-plans
  • Prepare an executive summary to present for progress and update
  • Identify potential risks and develop a corresponding mitigation plan

Please feel free to contact us to address your specific use cases and receive high-quality deliverables.


Sonia Rai

Sonia Rai

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