PMP vs PRINCE2 : The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Certification for Your Career

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When it comes to project management certifications, the debate often centers around PMP Vs PRINCE2. Both are globally recognized, have their strengths, and cater to slightly different audiences. But which one should you choose? Let’s dive deep into the comparisons and help you make an informed decision.

Both PMP (Project Management Professional) and PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) are esteemed certifications in the field of project management. They stem from different professional bodies, PMP from PMI (Project Management Institute) and PRINCE2 from AXELOS

PMBOK vs PRINCE2: The Methodologies Explained

PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge): It’s a guide rather than a methodology, detailing best practices and processes for project management. It is the basis for the PMP certification.
PRINCE2: A process-driven methodology that provides a detailed, step-by-step guide for delivering successful projects.

Difference Between PMP and PRINCE2

Here’s the detailed differences between PRINCE2 and PMP

Basis of ComparisonPRINCE2PMP
Origin PlaceUnited KingdomThe United States of America
OwnerAxelos, UKProject Management Institute (PMI), USA
Purpose in Project Mgmt.Answers the What/When/Who questionsAnswers the How? Questions
Exam GuidelinesPMBOK Guide’s 6th edition, standard & practices
FrameworksPrescriptive based on best practicesDescriptive based on knowledge areas
OrganizationIntegrated set of themes, processes & principlesTen knowledge areas
Project RolesWell-defined project rolesEmphasizes the role of a project manager
Location PopularityUK, Australia, EuropeUSA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, parts of Asia
Exam DifficultyEasier (Foundation level by passing the exam)More complex (Requires specific hours & degrees)
Validity of CertificationsFoundation: No expiration, Practitioner: 3 years3 years
Registration ProcessVia ATO or PeopleCertVia PMI website
Salary ProspectsHigher with certificationHigher, average $112,000 p.a. in U.S.


Which Certification is Better: PMP or PRINCE2?

It’s not about one being superior. The choice depends on:
  • Job Location: If you’re aiming for a role in the US, PMP might be more sought after, while in the UK or Australia, PRINCE2 could be preferred.
  • Industry: In IT environments, PRINCE2 often has a stronger foothold, while sectors like construction might lean towards PMP.
  • Career Goals: If you want a comprehensive understanding of project management, consider PMP. For a methodology that you can directly apply, PRINCE2 might be better.

PRINCE2 vs PMP Salary

Studies suggest that certified professionals earn more than their non-certified peers. However, salaries vary based on location, experience, and other factors. Both PMP and PRINCE2 can significantly boost your earning potential.

CountryPMP Average SalaryPRINCE2 Average Salary
USA (USD)$110,000$90,000
UK (GBP)£65,000£72,000
Australia (AUD)A$135,000A$140,000
Canada (CAD)C$120,000C$110,000
India (INR)₹1,800,000₹1,500,000
Germany (EUR)€77,000€70,000
UAE (AED)AED 295,000AED 310,000
Singapore (SGD)S$115,000S$110,000
South Africa (ZAR)R860,000R930,000
Brazil (BRL)R$180,000R$155,000


Common Questions Answered

  • Is PRINCE2 better than PMP? This is subjective and depends on individual career goals and job requirements. Both have their merits.
  • Which is easier, PMP or PRINCE2? The difficulty is subjective. PMP requires a commitment to understanding a wide range of topics, while PRINCE2 requires a grasp of a detailed methodology.
  • PMP or PRINCE2, which is best for Agile? Both can be combined with Agile principles, but neither is inherently Agile. If Agile is a priority, consider pursuing certifications like PMI-ACP or Scrum Master.

Conclusion : PMP Vs PRINCE2

The debate over “PMP vs. PRINCE2” or even extending it to “PMP vs. PRINCE2 vs Scrum” isn’t about finding a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s about identifying what suits your career aspirations, the industry you’re in, and where you plan to work. Whichever you choose, the pursuit of knowledge is commendable, and both certifications offer valuable insights into the world of project management.

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