Lessons from the life of Steve Jobs

Lessons from the life of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, the man who gave a whole new meaning to the word, ‘Apple’… a revolutionary and a digital visionary. It’s been 4 years since his passing, and there’s still a lot one can learn from his life. He was born an ordinary man but lived an extraordinary life. Here are a few things you can learn from this legends life to inspire you into making a better life for yourself…
  • Steve Jobs’s life was a roller coaster ride. Right from his biological parents giving him for adoption, to him being raised by foster parents, being a dropout of college, to being fired from his own company, Steve Jobs knew exactly how to turn things around for himself. It’s a common saying, ‘If life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. He was one such man who did exactly that. Life is going to turn ugly, but make sure you make the best of what you got and always learn to fight back… don’t just whine.
  • Steve jobs not only made the best for himself, but he also gave the best to the world. Microsoft computers to apple, iPod from mp3, iTunes for music, iPad… the many things no one ever felt would change. Apple turned out to become the lifestyle of the masses. And how were all of these possible? He dreamt big! He was able to see beyond the present and go where no one ever ventured before. Never be afraid to dream big and work towards making your dream a reality.
  • Steve Jobs was nothing more than a college dropout. Yet, he became a billionaire. This is not to say that education isn’t necessary. But what matters more than merely having a degree certificate is if you have the required skillset, attitude, and aptitude to actually make it big. 
  • Steve Jobs never cared much for what people had to say. The time he was fired from Apple, he was seen by the media as a “Had been” and by his colleagues as a “flash in the pan”. He didn’t care a damn about either of these comments and moved on to creating his next big company, NeXT. Apple soon realized they were undergoing heavy losses after firing Jobs and thus acquired NeXT. Jobs soon became the CEO of Apple. What if he’d have paid heed to the talkers? Apple would have never been the Apple it is today.
  • The year before Jobs founded Apple, he traveled to India for a spiritual retreat. He got back with a bang and launched one of the biggest companies the world has ever seen. It is good to dream and work hard to make it real. But at the same time, it is also important to relax your mind and body and never overstrain it. Always remember to work hard, but party harder.
The world has several ideals we can follow, and Steve Jobs is one of them. Though he led a controversial life initially, he overcame it all with flying colors. A perfect example we all can follow to make our life worth it!


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