Kavita Sharma PMP Renewal PDU Program Review

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About Kavita Sharma

Kavita Sharma is a recognized figure in the Project Management Professional (PMP) training sector. With her rich background in project management and her fervor for education, she has become a beacon for many PMP aspirants. Her platform, Kavita Sharma PMP Renewal, serves both newcomers aiming for certification and veterans aiming to renew theirs.

Kavita Sharma Pricing Plans

The cornerstone of KavitaSharma com pmp renewal is the PDU program, meticulously crafted for professionals. Although it promises an efficient method to acquire 60 PDUs in just a few minutes through a claim code, the actual learning requires genuine dedication. The price of the 60 PDU pack is $149, there’s a promotional price of $136 going on at the time of writing this blog.

Positives and Negatives of Kavita Sharma

  • Comprehensive Content: Modules spanning from personality understanding to agile methodologies ensure a well-rounded experience.
  • One Year Access: The extended access time allows professionals to pace their learning according to their schedules.
  • Competitive Pricing: The program offers a competitive pricing model, especially with occasional discounts.
  • Misleading Duration Claim: The assertion of acquiring 60 PDUs in 5 minutes can be misleading. As per PMI standards, professionals must spend genuine time on development activities to rightfully claim PDUs.
  • Depth vs. Speed: The rapid claim process might lead to questions about the depth and retention of knowledge.
  • Ethical Considerations: Rapid PDU acquisition could raise eyebrows in the PMP community regarding the alignment with the spirit of continuous learning that PMI promotes.
  • Standardized Approach: The program may not cater to the diverse, individualized learning needs of all professionals.
  • Course Breadth: Some PMP topics might be left untouched, potentially leaving gaps in the renewal journey.
FeatureGururoKavita Sharma 60 PDU Plans
Target AudiencePMPs, PgMPs, PMI-ACP, and PMI-PBA certification holdersPMPs
Discounted Price$99.12 for 60 PDUs$136 for 60 PDUs
Cost per PDU$1.6$2.3
Payment TypeOne Time Payment – No Hidden FeesOne Time Payment – No Hidden Fees
Course TypeOnline Video CoursesOnline Video Courses
Course SelectionUnlimited access to any courses aggregating upto 60 PDUs3 pre-selected courses
PMI ApprovalYesYes
Access Duration1 year1 year
Support24/7 support via Phone, Chat, Email and Ticketing systemLimited support
Passing an exam required?No, There are no tests or examsNo
PDU bundlesMultiple PDU bundles – 5/15/30/35/45/52/60 PDUs60 PDU bundles

Overview of Kavita Sharma's Course Modules:

Part 1: Personal and Interpersonal Management
  • Understand Your Personality: Dive deep into self-awareness and discover your unique traits and how they influence your management style.
  • Manage Self, Using Mindfulness: Utilize mindfulness techniques to enhance self-management, improve focus, and reduce stress.
  • Understand Others: Gain insights into diverse personality types and how to effectively communicate and collaborate with them.
  • Manage Others: Master the art of leading diverse teams, fostering collaboration, and ensuring efficient project execution.
Part 2: Modern Project Management
  • SCRUM – Agile Way of Working: Get acquainted with SCRUM methodologies and understand the benefits of agile project management.
Part 3: Deepening Mindfulness in Management
  • Being Mindful: Emphasize the importance of being present, intentional, and responsive in managerial decisions and team interactions.
While the course segments provide a mix of personal development, modern project management methodologies, and a unique angle with mindfulness, the offering seems preselected with limited flexibility. Prospective learners might feel constrained with the absence of options or the ability to customize based on specific interests or needs. It’s essential for participants to evaluate if these pre-packaged modules align with their learning and professional growth objectives.

Discount Code for Kavita Sharma

Currently, there’s a promotional price of $136, down from $149.

Conclusion : Kavita Sharma PMP Renewal

Kavita Sharma’s PDU program offers a unique blend of efficiency and content. However, professionals should be aware of its shortcomings. Choosing a PDU renewal program is not merely about ticking a box; it’s about ensuring that the continuous learning ethos of PMP is genuinely embraced. As always, conducting personal research and consulting with peers can guide you to the most informed decision.

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