IU University | MBA IT Management | Student Experience | Gururo

IU University MBA IT Management Student Experience Gururo



IU University | MBA IT Management | Student Experience | Gururo



One Year MBA

MBA with Specialization

Here’s an interview with IU university student Kiran Kumar who enrolled in MBA IT Management in July 2022.


0:00 – Highlight the interview
0:22 – Welcome
0:27 – Introduction
2:47 – Please help us with your thought process on pursuing an MBA degree. Why did you choose MBA?
4:20 – Why did you select IU University?
5:42 – Why did you select Germany?
6:46 – Why did you select MBA from IU university?
7:29 – Which specialization and why?
8:39 – What made you select Gururo as your partner to study with IU university?11:21 – What did you like most about Gururo which prompted you to go with us?
12:22 – Are you still in touch with your counselor from Gururo?
13:01 – What were the eligibility criteria for your course – MBA in IT management?
14:20 – When did you enroll in the program?
14:41 – How’s your journey so far with IU university?
16:49 – Can someone do the program along with Job?
18:51 – How are the semesters structured?
20:38 – How do you manage your studies?
21:42 – How are the online classes going on?
23:33 – Do you have live classes with the professors? What’s the schedule of the live classes?
24:26 – What’s the examination process? Are exams difficult?
27:19 – What’s your mode of studying? Is it online or blended or on campus?
27:39 – Why did you choose the mode?
28:11 – What’s your plan for studying in Germany?
28:57 – What kind of job do you want to do?
29:35 – What do you think is the average salary in Germany?
30:25 – Do you need to learn German?
32:07 – What’s your plan for accommodation in Germany?
33:17 – How about the visa?
34:47 – What message will you give to students seeking enrollment in IU programs?
36:03 – Thank you




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