How to write a resume is a million-dollar question in every job aspirant’s mind. When applying for a job, a resume is the first introduction of yourself that the employer receives. No matter how qualified you are, or how much experience you hold, if your resume is poorly written or presented, you’re going to have some trouble grabbing yourself a job. Hence, it is essential to use a guide prior to formulating one. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind for that perfect resume…

  • A resume should never be a long story of your qualification and accomplishments, but instead, a gist of the necessary info. In case you do not have much work experience, one or two pages are ideal. However, if you have many qualifications that you wish to list out, a three page shouldn’t be a problem. However, do make sure it is well presented and does not contain any irrelevant information.
  • A resume must also contain a set of details that need to be presented in chronological or reverse chronological order. Ideally, it is best to include the most important information at the start. These include…
    – Name, address, contact details
    – Objective
    – Educational qualification
    – Work experience/ Internships
    – Technical/ Software skills
    – Personal attributes/ hobbies
  • At the time of applying for a job, it is a possibility for you to apply in various companies, and at times, also in different fields which could be interrelated. In such cases, it is essential for you to formulate a resume for each company listing out the skills and experience required for that particular field. Also, ensure your opening statement fits the job profile.
  • Avoid any form of typos or factual errors in your resume. Ensure you check and double-check each word written in your resume as any typo will result in you losing out on the interview call. Also avoid any form of images and graphics, fancy formatting, and tabulating any information.
  • Finally, it is always important to have someone review your resume. The ones who can review it can either be your co-workers, former employers, teachers, or career counselors. The advantage of having a professional review your resume is to point out the errors and also give valuable inputs that can add to your resume to make it perfect.
Several resume templates can be found online which can look upon to help you further. The perfect resume and confidence along with the necessary qualifications and experience, all put together will ensure you get the right job without a hitch!