A stress interview is an actual interview strategy which is an offbeat way to check how candidates react to unusual circumstances under pressure. Here, you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected as the recruiter’s main intention is to test your level of patience. There are various strategies that an interviewer uses to test you. It is thus essential for you to be aware of a few tricks used for you to be better prepared…

  • At times, the interviewer may call you in for an interview, introduce himself and get busy elsewhere without excusing himself. He may take a long time to get back to you and pretend you aren’t present. In such cases, the most ideal reaction from your end should be to offer to come back at a later time as you do not wish to inconvenience your interviewer.
  • The interviewer may also throw certain rude questions towards you, not to demean you, but to get a reaction out of you instead. If you’re ever asked a question on why you haven’t achieved much in your career, or why you didn’t go to a better college, make sure you keep calm and respectfully disagree with the statement made and state your accomplishments. You have been called for an interview for a purpose and thus, do not get swayed by their questions. Stick up to what is right and believe in yourself. Always put your point across calmly.
  • Light humor always helps during such situations. If you’re able to cope with stress with a smile on your face, there’s nothing like it. Make sure you speak slowly and intentionally, take a pause and a breath here and there. Remember, the interviewer is not here to get on your nerves alone, but every single candidate’s nerves. So take it easy.
  • There are certain cases where the interviewer is known to be speaking constantly, without giving the candidate a chance to speak up. In such cases, your assertiveness is what is counted. It is alright to interject with the interviewer and make your point in a polite manner. Do not stay quiet out of politeness.
  • Also, take special care in the area that lists out your additional interests or hobbies in your resume. Many times the interviewer tends to pick up a string mentioned here to stress you out. So make sure you do not list out any talent that you do not possess.

Stress interviews are built to make you react and the main reason such an interview is conducted is to cause the job profile is highly stressed out. Employers do not wish to accept candidates who cannot withstand stress. Hence, refrain from getting offended and handle criticism. But at the same time, never let the interviewer emotionally intimidate you.