How to deal with depression during job placement

How to deal with depression during job placement


Maintaining your morale and coping with rejection is an easier task said than done. At the time of placements, coping with the stress of being rejected & depression becomes harder when you find that your friends have been placed and you haven’t.
In such cases, being unemployed can make you depressed, and it is only natural. The reason however isn’t just with the rejection, but various factors such as student loans, living with parents, isolation from college friends, and a lot of free time and nothing to do. Thus, post the initial shock, it is necessary for you to gear up and take control.
The first control needs to be budgeting. You need to budget with extreme caution and write down exactly where you are spending in order to keep a tab and cut down on anything that isn’t necessary.
Living with parents again can mean a loss of freedom, but it is best to deal with this with an assertive approach. Make a sensible negotiation of your rights and responsibilities to make your life easier.
During free time, try doing voluntary work, pick up part-time jobs or take up courses that are related to your field. This is very helpful as you will no longer have an idol mind which will help you refrain from negative thoughts.
Having a grip on your life is extremely essential during this phase as the loss of control will only make you feel more helpless and unhappy. Also, make sure you do not neglect your health. Eat right and exercise as this will make you feel happier and relieve you from unwanted stress and depression. Remember, unemployment is only a phase and it isn’t going to last forever. So take it easy and cope with it positively with the right attitude and your skills will be recognized soon enough.


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