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About Goskills

Goskills, an online learning platform, has established itself as a key player in the e-learning industry. With a variety of courses ranging from Excel to project management, Goskills has something for every learner. The GoSkills PMP renewal is popular program, helping project managers keep their certifications up-to-date.

GoSkills Plans and Pricing

GoSkills primarily operates on a subscription-based model with a variety of plans tailored to meet different user needs.
Individual Plans:
  • Aimed at individual learners keen on accessing courses for personal or professional development.
  • Offers unlimited access to all courses on the platform.
  • Grants certificates of achievement upon course completion.
  • Incorporates quizzes, final exams, and sometimes learning paths tailored to individual career goals.
  • Pricing: GoSkills operates on a subscription model for individual plans at $30/month. However, if users opt for an annual subscription, it is priced at $16/month ($192 per annum).
Team Plans (or Business Plans):
  • Designed for businesses or organizations that wish to provide comprehensive training for their employees or teams.
  • Comes with all the features provided in the individual plan.
  • Provides a team dashboard allowing admins to monitor and track the progress of all team members.
  • Allows administrators the flexibility to assign specific courses to various team members.
  • Typically offers bulk pricing discounts depending on the number of team members being enrolled.
In addition to the above, GoSkills occasionally introduces:
  • Free Trials: This is a 7-day limited period offering wherein users can explore and access the platform’s content without any financial obligation. This hands-on experience enables users to familiarize themselves with the course structure and platform functionalities before deciding on a full-fledged subscription.

Positives and Negatives of Goskills

  • User-friendly Interface: The goskills login and go skills login pages are straightforward, allowing easy access to courses.
  • Comprehensive Course Content: From goskills excel to goskills project management, every course is well-structured.
  • Value for Money: Whether it’s the goskills com pmp renewal cost or the goskills pricing for other courses, learners often find it affordable and worth the investment.
  • Content Duration:Some users expressed a desire for courses to be slightly longer to delve deeper into topics.
  • End-of-course Assessment: A few reviewers felt that having end-of-course assessments in the form of a project or more challenging tasks instead of just quizzes would add more value and give a practical touch to the learning.
  • Mobile App: Absence of a mobile app for platforms like Android and iOS. Many modern learners appreciate the flexibility of learning on the go, and not having an app could be a limitation.
  • Course Offerings: While GoSkills offers a myriad of courses, some users felt the platform could include more tech courses or advanced development classes.
  • Software Integration: One of the feedback points was that learners sometimes had to pull up the software they were learning about to try and implement what they learned while watching a GoSkills video. This could be a hassle, especially if a learner doesn’t have access to that particular software.
  • Complex Features: A few courses or lessons might introduce features or functionalities that some users find challenging to master or replicate.
  • Detailing in Commands: Some users felt the need for more detailed explanations or tutorials on specific commands and shortcuts, especially for infrequent users who might find it easy to get lost.
  • Engagement: GoSkills’ method of delivery might not resonate with everyone. Some users felt that the courses weren’t as engaging, especially for those who tend to get bored easily.
  • Limited Scope in Certain Modules: Specific modules, like the DAX functions module, were pointed out for having a limited scope, only covering functions like Calculate and All.

Goskills vs Gururo Plan

While Goskills boasts a plethora of courses and an intuitive interface, the Gururo Plan offers its own set of advantages. However, in terms of PMP renewal, Gururo, with its specific project manager focused approach, tends to have an edge.
FeatureGururoGoskills Annual subscription
TargetAudience PMPs, PgMPs, PMI-ACP, and PMI-PBA certification holdersPMPs
Discounted Price$99.12 for 60 PDUs$192 for 60 PDUs
Cost per PDU$1.6$3.2
Payment TypeOne Time Payment – No Hidden FeesSubscription, Pay for each year till you cancel
Course TypeOnline Video CoursesOnline Video Courses
Course SelectionUnlimited access to any courses aggregating upto 60 PDUsLimited set of project management courses.
PMI ApprovalYesYes
Access Duration1 year1 year
Support24/7 support via Phone, Chat, Email and Ticketing systemLimited support on email
Passing an exam required?No, There are no tests or examsYes
PDU bundlesMultiple PDU bundles – 5/15/30/35/45/52/60 PDUsSubscription based

Discount Code for Goskills

For those looking to avail discounts on their courses, keep an eye out for goskills coupon codes that frequently pop up, offering significant savings.

Conclusion : GoSkills PMP renewal

Goskills, with its broad spectrum of courses from goskills excel course to goskills lean six sigma, provides learners with a comprehensive e-learning experience. Their PMP renewal program stands out, offering project managers an efficient way to earn their PDUs. While there are areas of improvement, like introducing a goskills app, the platform, on the whole, is robust and worth exploring.


GoSkills is an online learning platform that offers courses on a variety of professional skills, from project management to Excel.

The courses on GoSkills are well-structured with video lectures, supporting materials, and comprehension tests.

GoSkills operates on a subscription model, priced at $30/month or $16/month if paid annually.

As of the last information, GoSkills does not have a mobile app for Android or iOS. Users have expressed interest in having an app for on-the-go learning.

Alongside video lectures, each section on GoSkills offers support material and comprehension tests to ensure learners grasp the content.

While GoSkills provides quizzes at the end of lessons, some users expressed a desire for project-based assessments or more challenging tasks

Some users have mentioned that the GoSkills team is responsive to new feature ideas or course requests, indicating an open line of communication.
While GoSkills is praised for its structured content and ease of use, the best comparison would depend on specific needs and preferences. Some users have also compared “GoSkills vs Gururo Plan” in their reviews.

While specific discount codes were not provided in the reviews, it’s always a good idea to check the GoSkills website or affiliated partners for any current offers or promotions.

GoSkills receives positive feedback on courses like Excel, with users appreciating the structured format and clarity of content. However, like any platform, feedback varies based on individual experience and expectations.
Yes, the Goskills Learning Management System is designed with user experience in mind.
Yes, Goskills does offer some free courses. Check their website www goskills com for more details.
The goskills excel course is generally well-reviewed, with users appreciating the structured approach.
Yes, go skills scholarship and goskills scholarship are available for eligible students.

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