What is Jira Next-Gen

What is Jira Next-Gen?

In October of 2018, Atlassian launched a brand new, next-generation project type and optimized for team autonomy and ease of use. Today this new project type comes with simpler administration, more flexible boards, and brand new features like a native roadmap.

It allows teams to collaborate on projects with an emphasis on being able to quickly tailor their board, fields, and other features without requiring a Jira Admin to make the changes. 

Advantage of Jira Next-Gen

  1. Terrific user experience, Kanban boards, reports, and Epic roadmap features are all visually appealing.
  2. Simple configuration using an intuitive interface makes it easy to onboard new project admins.
  3. Reduced need for Jira Admins to perform configuration work, enables projects to be safely and rapidly re-configured.
  4. Supports Sprints or Kanban ways of working.
  5. Exciting feature roadmap introduced.

Why Consider Learning Jira Next-Gen?

Its popularity & demand is on rising due to its flexibility in being highly configurable.

Next-Gen Projects may also be ideal for those that are new to working with Jira or Kanban, who want to gain some experience of using the tool before settling on a ‘fixed’ workflow.

This allows teams to quickly learn, adapt and change the way they work. If you’ve used Trello before, well, that’s pretty much what Atlassian are trying to do inside a Jira Project.

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