Top reason why you are underpaid

Top reason why you are underpaid



How mid-managers with your experience are getting 70% more salary than you?

How are they frequently switching jobs when you struggle to clear interviews?

The simple answer is - They focus on what needs to be done to clear the interview and thrive on the job next.

Most of the others are trapped in the below thoughts –

  • How to get more interview calls?
  • Can I get a referral somewhere which will ease the pressure?
  • And the most common one is – which certification will help me to get a seat in an interview?
  • I will manage somehow in the discussion, learn on the job or will take help from colleagues.

You can see what differentiates between the two sets of people. And that’s why the former is more successful.

“ They focus on the end goal and the path to it. Not just the beginning.”

And if you are looking for a program designed for Managers to help you develop these skills, consider enrolling in the PG Certificate in Program Management Course.


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