Different Types Of Technical Program Managers(TPMs)

Different Types Of Technical Program Managers(TPMs)



As organizations grow, they need Technical Program Managers (TPMs) to manage their technical projects. There are various types of TPMs, and some of them are:

Product TPMs: Product TPMs oversee the development and launch of new products or features in the organization. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to plan product roadmap, manage budgets and timelines, and ensure timely delivery.

Infrastructure TPMs: Infrastructure TPMs lead projects that build or enhance the organization’s infrastructure. This includes implementing new hardware or software systems or upgrading existing systems.

Data TPMs: Data TPMs lead projects related to data management, such as introducing new systems for storing and analyzing data or enhancing current systems.

IT TPMs: IT TPMs manage projects related to information technology, such as implementing new systems for managing IT resources or upgrading existing systems.

Research and Development TPMs: R&D TPMs manage projects related to research and development, including developing new technologies or improving existing ones.

Operations TPMs: Operations TPMs lead projects that enhance an organization’s operations, such as implementing new processes or systems for managing resources.

These are just a few examples of different types of TPMs within organizations. TPMs may also work in other areas, depending on the organization’s needs and their particular area of expertise.




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