Coursera PMP Certification : Everything You Need to Know about Project Management Courses

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The world of Project Management is vast, with multiple avenues for professional development and growth. Among the many online platforms offering courses in this domain, Coursera stands out for its variety and depth. But is the Coursera PMP certification the right fit for you? Let’s dive deep into the offerings of the Coursera PMP Certification Courses.

The Lowdown on Coursera's Project Management Offerings

Coursera has made a name for itself in the e-learning industry, and the project management course Coursera offers is no exception. These courses provide learners with a strong foundation, offering insights into various aspects of project management, ranging from the basics to advanced concepts.

Coursera PMP Certification: What's Missing?

One of the most common queries in the online education community is regarding the PMP certification Coursera offers. While Coursera does provide invaluable learning resources for aspiring project managers, there’s a critical aspect missing – the mandatory 35 PDUs or Professional Development Units required for PMP certification. As of now, Coursera does not have a course that offers these PDUs.

Alternatives for PMP Training

While the Coursera PMP training courses are enriching and provide a wealth of knowledge, those strictly aiming for PMP certification might need to look elsewhere to accumulate their required PDUs. Several online platforms offer specialized PMP certification online Coursera competitors provide, which comes with the necessary contact hours.

Coursera PMP Course – What It Entails

When we talk about the Coursera PMP course, it’s essential to understand that these courses mainly focus on the concepts, methodologies, and practices essential in the world of project management. While they might not lead directly to certification due to the absence of Coursera PMP 35 contact hours, they still offer invaluable insights and practical knowledge.

Should You Opt for Coursera's Project Management Course?

Absolutely! If your primary goal is learning and understanding the vast realm of project management, the Coursera project management course is a fantastic place to start. It provides a holistic view of the domain, giving learners an edge in their professional journey.
However, if your sole objective is PMP certification, you might want to supplement the PMP certification online Coursera courses with additional training that offers 35 contact hours, crucial for the certification process.


In the ever-evolving domain of project management, continuous learning is the key. While Coursera’s PMP offerings might not get you the certification on their own, they undoubtedly equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field. Remember, the journey of becoming a PMP is as valuable as the certification itself. Happy learning!

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