Can I Take the PMP Exam Online? All You Need to Know About Remote PMP Certification

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The global pandemic forced many industries to adapt, and one of the prominent shifts in the professional certification space was the option to take exams from home. If you’re wondering, “Can I take the PMP exam online?“, then the straightforward answer is a resounding YES!

PMP Online Exam: A Welcomed Shift

In a revelatory LinkedIn article, PMI’s President, Sunil Prashara, made the official announcement in March, stating the organization’s preparation to launch the online PMP exam through webcam proctoring. By April 14th, 2020, the transition had been made. The online PMP certification examination was launched, allowing candidates to schedule their exams conveniently

Source: PMI LinkedIn Profile

How to Take the PMP Exam Online

The online PMP exam offers several benefits over its traditional counterpart:

  • Flexibility:Candidates can now take the exam from the comfort of their homes or any quiet location, using a reliable internet-connected PC or tablet
  • Availability:Unlike the in-person option, which relies on finding a slot at a Pearson VUE test centre, online proctoring offers slots around the clock, allowing candidates to select their preferred timings.

Prerequisites for Online Proctor Testing:

  • A computer with a functioning webcam to facilitate monitoring by a live proctor.
  •  Stable internet connectivity.
  •  A quiet and distraction-free environment for the exam’s 4-hour duration.

After completing the PMP application and verifying your eligibility, the option to schedule your exam will be made available in your PMI profile. Remember, before the examination, completion of 35 contact hours of PMP Training is mandatory

The Online Proctoring Mechanism

The exam isn’t “on-demand”. It requires scheduling because of the live proctor’s involvement. However, with slots available every 15 minutes, 24/7, finding a convenient time is simple.

The process:

  •  System Check: Ensure your system meets the requirements using the Pearson onVue app.
  •  Check-In: On the exam day, 30 minutes before your slot, begin the ‘test’ option. Submit pictures of your ID and surrounding environment.
  •  Live Monitoring: Throughout the exam, you’ll be supervised by an off-site proctor via your webcam.

This smooth system ensures candidates get the best possible environment to take their exams without undue pressure.

Breaking Down the Exam Process

After the first part of the exam, candidates are offered a 10-minute optional break. However, it’s crucial to note that once you progress past the first 89 questions, you cannot revisit them post-break.

Addressing Concerns

Technical glitches? The live proctor will guide you through resolution steps either via phone or through your computer’s mic and speakers.
PMI had been offering online proctoring for PMI-ACP and CAPM certification exams even before the pandemic. The shift to online for the PMP examination has been an added feather in their cap.

Pre-Exam Steps:

  • System Prep: Ensure system and internet compatibility with the pre-exam system test.
  • Check-In: Start the process 30 minutes before the exam.
  •  Focus: During the exam, ensure you’re adhering to all the set rules and avoid distractions.

Comparing Online vs. In-Center PMP Exams

Online PMP Exam:

  • No travel is needed.
  •  Flexible scheduling.
  •  Familiar environment.
  • Technical glitches.
  •  Strict proctoring rules.
  •  Need for quiet, uninterrupted space.

In-Center PMP Exam:

  • Defined exam environment.
  •  No system compatibility issues.
  •  Physical scratch paper and writing materials
  • Travel involved.
  •  Limited scheduling.
  •  Potential wait for available slots

Conclusion : Can I take the PMP exam online

Your choice between online and in-centre PMP exams should consider various factors. Analyzing the pros and cons of each mode will help streamline your decision. While there’s no universally “best” option, selecting the one that suits your circumstances is crucial for a successful certification process.


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