5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT join PG Certificate in Program Management?

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Below are the 5 reasons why you SHOULD NOT join PG Certificate in Program Management?

You’re looking for some magical outcome without getting out of your comfort zone.

It is an 8 Week journey filled with a lot of learning. It will provide you with all the opportunities to expand your knowledge multifold; you will have to consciously pull everything you want out of it.

You think Program Management is nothing but managing multiple related programs and is executed the same across Product/Service/Startup organizations.

To the surprise of many, Program management may vary in execution in the same function of an organization.

You think all the content is available on the Internet

There is a ton of material available on the internet. This program is not a Gyan class. We will cover actionable insights from real problems and scenarios in the companies that we have worked on. No bullshit, only data-driven, well-tested experiments.

You think PMP/PgMP is the ultimate learning & achievement for a mid-management professional.

In today’s dynamic industry, bookish Gyan will not aid in running complex programs but practical learning will.

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You’re clear about the next step you’re going to take in your professional career.

Take that step first.
Then if you find something is still missing, consider joining us.


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